Pokemon Adventures: Chapter 1 – Part 5

After Mia and Lucy bid each other farewell, Mia took a seat on the boulder. She still felt a little nervous about battling Pokemon, but knew Lucy was right. Also the girl wasn’t ready to give up her dream, just because she was nervous.

“Alright Charmander,” Mia began, summoning her Pokemon. The Charmander appeared in front of her. “I want you to know that I was nervous before, but now I’m ready. It’s not going to be easy, but if you’ll trust me, I promise I’ll take good care of you. Win or lose, I’ll take care of you, ok?”

The Charmander placed both of it’s tiny hands on Mia’s left knee and nodded. “Good boy,” she said, rubbing the top of his head. “Let’s get started, ok?”

The two started walking down the long trail heading for Pewter City. As they walked, they scanned the road for any signs of wild Pokemon. Just as they walked around a bend in the road, they spotted a Rattata standing on the side of the road.

“There Charmander,” Mia said. “Are you ready?” The girl asked, going to one knee and touching her Pokemon’s back.

Charmander roared.

“OkâÂ?¦ Go!” Mia ordered, standing and pointing at the Rattata.

Charmander stood a few yards away from the Rattata, it looked ready for a fight. Rattata too looked ready for a battle. “Charmander, ember!” Mia ordered.

Charmander reared back it’s head and launched a ball of fire at the tiny Pokemon. Rattata quickly dodged to the right and charged after Charmander.

Mia thought quickly. “Scratch!” She ordered.

Charmander did as he was told. Jumping forwards, he lashed out with his right hand. To Mia’s delight, the hand struck the Rattata, sending it reeling backwards.

Rattata stood and tried to attack Charmander using a quick attack. The Rattata slammed into Charmander’s chest.

Charmander winced in pain and took several steps backwards. “Are you ok!?” Mia cried, her heart was pounding in her chest.

Charmander roared angrily.

“Great! Now give it another scratch!” The girl ordered. Charmander rushed forwards and scratched the Rattata once more, sending it flying backwards. This time the Pokemon didn’t stand.

Mia grabbed an empty pokeball and tossed it at the Rattata. After bouncing off the tiny Pokemon’s body, the ball opened and drew the tiny Pokemon inside. Mia watched the pokeball wiggle left and right, when the ball stopped rolling and the red light in the middle of the ball grew dull, the girl knew she had captured the Pokemon.

“WeâÂ?¦ we did it!” Mai cheered. The girl ran forwards and took up the Charmander in her arms. “Good work little guy!” The girl cheered.

Charmander looked happy himself as the girl held him close to her chest. “Were going to make a great team Charmander!”

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