Pokemon Adventures: Chapter 2 – Part 5

Mia and Lucy walked side-by-side and chatted for several more hours. Just as they cleared the forest, they spotted Pewter City in the distance. “Do you know what gym leader lives here?” Lucy asked, pointing towards the city.

“I believe it’s Brock, right?” Mia asked.

“That’s right,” Lucy said, nodding. “I’ve actually faced him once before. Back when I was trying to be a Pokemon master,” the girl said. “I can’t tell you what kinds of Pokemon he likes to use, but I will tell you this. You better train your Pokemon a little more, before you take him on.”

“Yeah,” Mia said, nodding. “I’ve battled with Charmander exclusively right now, but I need to give Rattata a chance to show his stuff.” The girl said. Just as she finished speaking, a Pidgey flew from the sky and landed a few yards in front of them. “There we go!” She said, grabbing the pokeball the tiny Rattata occupied. “Come out Rattata!” The girl cried.

Rattata appeared in front of her. “Go! Tackle!”

Rattata ran at the Pidgey as fast as it could. Once it was close enough, it slammed its tiny body into the flying Pokemon. Pidgey was knocked off its feet, but was far from being defeated.

Flapping its wings, the Pidgey lifted itself into the air.

“OkâÂ?¦ It’s going to use a gust or sand attackâÂ?¦” The girl said. The Pidgey began flapping its wings at incredibly speeds, dust started kicking up. “Rattata! Quick attack! Get behind it!” The girl ordered.

Rattata started running, as it ran its movements got faster and faster, but before it could move behind the Pidgey, a tiny tornado appeared and picked the Pokemon up. Mia gasped as her Pokemon was tossed out of the tornado. It flew several feet away before it struck the ground.

“Rattata!” Mia cried.

The tiny Pokemon tried to get up, but it was impossible. “It’s ok! Return!” She said, recalling the Pokemon, back to its pokeball. Mia grabbed the pokeball her Charmander resided in. “Come out Charmander!” The girl ordered.

The Pidgey stopped flapping its wings and started flying towards the two girls. “Better hurry!” Lucy said, fighting the urge to summon her Pikachu.

The girl’s Charmander appeared. “Scratch!” The girl ordered.

Charmander leapt into the air and slashed the Pidgey. With a loud caw, the Pidgey slammed into the ground. Grabbing an empty pokeball the girl tossed it at the downed Pokemon.

Moments later the Pidgey was hers. “Yes!” Mia cheered, taking up the pokeball and attaching it to her belt. “Come on Lucy, we need to get to a Pokemon center!” The girl said, recalling her Charmander.

“Good work Mia,” Lucy said, smiling warmly at her friend.

“Thanks!” Mia said, smiling back at her friend. She was a little disappointed that her Rattata couldn’t beat the Pidgey, but swore she would make it and her new Pokemon much stronger.

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