Pokemon Adventures: Chapter 2 – Part 3

Mia whirled around in time to see a tall man. He had short black hair, dark brown eyes, and broad shoulders. What really stood out to Mia, was his black uniform. “Team Rocket?” The girl said, taking a few steps away from the man. The giant red ‘R’ on the mans long sleeved shirt, told the girl exactly who the man worked for.

“That’s right,” the man said, chuckling. “Don’t worry kiddo, I’m not here for you or your pathetic Pokemon!” He said, smirking.

“What did youâÂ?¦!” Mia began, but suddenly realized who the man was there for. “You’re not getting your hands on Lucy either!” The girl said, stepping in front of her friend and holding out her arms.

“Hey Mia,” Lucy said, placing a firm hand on the girl’s right shoulder. “You might be taller than me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to take care of myself,” the girl said.

“Yeah, butâÂ?¦” Mia said, looking over her shoulder at the girl.

“Well I guess it’s a good enough time to tell you,” Lucy said, taking a deep breath. “I actually work for Team Rocket.”

“What!?” Mia cried.

“No waitâÂ?¦” Lucy said, tapping her chin thoughtfully. “I used to work for them. I don’t anymore.”

“That’s right!” The Team Rocket member snapped, pointing a stern finger at the girl. “The boss wants to know what happened to that Vulpix you were supposed to steal!” The man snapped.

Lucy merely shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know!”

The man smirked. “That’s fine,” he said, nodding. Reaching behind his back the man removed two pokeballs. “Don’t worry though, I’m well aware of your Pikachu and I brought a few Pokemon that will help me defeat it!”

“Aren’t you even going to try to convince me to come back?” Lucy asked.

“I’m going to beat your Pikachu first, and then try to convince you,” The man said. “Come out Geodude!” The man shouted.

Two Geodude’s appeared in front of the two girls. Each one looked raring to go for a fight. “Try to beat them!” The man laughed.

Lucy grabbed her pokeball and summoned her Pikachu. “AlrightâÂ?¦ Pikachu! Quick Attack!” The girl ordered.

Pikachu rushed forwards and slammed its body into the Geodude, to the team rocket’s surprise the Geodude was slammed into the ground. “WhoaâÂ?¦” He breathed, slowly shaking his head. “Tackle Geodude!” The man ordered.

Both Geodude’s rushed after Pikachu and tried to attack it, but the Pikachu was faster and easily dodged each blow.

Mia stood several feet away from the battle. She couldn’t believe Lucy used to be a member of Team Rocket. “She used to work for them, but not anymore, right?” The girl thought to herself.

Reaching for her pokeball the girl summoned Charmander. “Ember!” She ordered, pointing towards the nearest Geodude.

Charmander rushed forwards and shot a fireball at the Pokemon. The Geodude, however, saw this attack coming and quickly dodged out of the way.

“That’s not fair!” The Team Rocket member, shouted.

“Look who’s talking! Two Pokemon versus one?” Mia shouted. “I’m evening things up this way!”

The Team Rocket member, narrowed his eyes at the girl. “Like it’s going to helpâÂ?¦ Tackle that Charmander!” The man ordered.

Mia gasped as the Geodude slammed into her Charmander, sending it rolling backwards. “Charmander!” The girl cried, running up to her Pokemon and dropping to her knees. The tiny creature had several cuts on his body. “Are you ok?” The girl asked.

The Charmander roared and slowly got to his feet. He looked weak, but still wanted to fight. “Alright, scratch attack!” The girl ordered.

The Team Rocket member laughed. “Scratch? Are you kidding?” He said. “Take the attack Geodude!” He ordered. His attention quickly turned to the other Pokemon that was still battling the Pikachu. “Tackle that yellow rat already!” He roared.

Charmander jumped at the Geodude. “EMBER!” Mia cried out. Charmander lowered the hand he was going to attack the Pokemon with, instead he opened his mouth wide and engulfed the Geodude with a fireball.

The Team Rocket member gasped. “You switched moves!?” He roared. “That’s cheatâÂ?¦ never mindâÂ?¦” He said, sighing deeply. He watched as the Geodude fell, unconscious to the ground.

Charmander landed gracefully on his feet. “Return!” He ordered both Geodudes. “These worthless things!” He said, staring angrily down at the two pokeballs he was carrying. “Don’t worry I’ll beâÂ?¦” Before he could utter a word, Lucy had run forwards and grabbed the man by his left arm. Twisting her wrist hard, she sent the man flying through the air.

Landing hard on his back, the man looked stunned. “What theâÂ?¦”

“How dare you talk about your Pokemon like thatâÂ?¦” Lucy said, in a low, angry voice.

Mia’s lower jaw dropped as Lucy’s Pikachu leapt onto the man’s chest. “LucyâÂ?¦ what are youâÂ?¦” The girl began.

“Thunder Wave!” Lucy ordered.

Pikachu roared as electricity ripped through the man’s body, but instead of hurting him, instead it seemed to paralyze him. “Lay there and think about what you did,” Lucy said, recalling her Pokemon.

“IâÂ?¦ will seeâÂ?¦ youâÂ?¦ againâÂ?¦” The man warned.

Lucy sighed deeply. “I believe youâÂ?¦” The girl admitted. Her eyes turned to Mia, who had a disappointed look on her face. “Sorry. I’ll leave you alone,” the girl said, turning to leave, but before she could take a step, she felt a firm hand on her wrist.

“You should still wander around with me,” Mia said.

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