Popular Trend of Teachers Having Sex with Students

We have all seen it in the news since Mary Kay Letourneau and the trend is disgustingly popular. Women school teachers having sex with their students. Now some of them actually serve their time but the last popular sex offending teacher to have intercourse with a child, and I do want point out that he was barely a teenager at the age of only 14, got off of all charges completely free! The reason for this outrage, well to listen to her cowardly lawyer tell itâÂ?¦ “She was far too pretty for jail.”

WHAT?? This repulsive pedophile who obviously couldn’t cut it in an adult relationship was none other than Debra Lafave. You heard right. Now then, if you look at this perverted child molester you can see that she looks like any other woman, nothing really special at all. If you slapped enough make-up on a man and then put him in skimpy clothing they would look like a pretty woman tooâÂ?¦ I have seen men fall for that one too many times to count. But that doesn’t mean that I would allow them to commit vile crimes against our children and then tell them that it is all okay because they knew how to apply make-up.

It is also noteworthy to mention that this was not an accident or a “heat of the moment” thing for herâÂ?¦. It was malicious and she does get a sick pleasure out of it. She did see this child as exactly thatâÂ?¦ a CHILD. After she repeatedly raped him she would say things like; “now, pinkie swear that you won’t tell.” This is a critically disturbed individual who needs serious help.Many people are saying that a woman can not rape a male childâÂ?¦ that couldn’t be further from the truth. The male body works very differently than a female body. Young boys that are going through hormonal change can become erect when the wind blows, does this mean that wind turns them on? No. The fear of a dangerous situation can also provide the same thing.

Whatever the reason, rape and molestation are still rape and molestation. If a male teacher were to have sex with his female student and she said “well, you know I did get turned on and I ended up liking it so I let him do it again and again.” Would that be accepted? Would society pity that man and understand that the child was to blame just as much as he was? I think not. If anything it would become and even more troubling situation.

It was really quite disturbing that only one day after the charges were dropped against this monster another teacher was sentenced, for the same acts, to 20 years in prison. And, need I remind you of one simple fact, that if a man was to even touch a 14 year old girl inappropriately he would be in prison for many years�. And if he had sex with her repeatedly even more years� and regardless of either of those disgusting acts he would be branded a sex offender for life.

I can understand that the victim’s mother didn’t want to hurt her child any more than he was already but she just allowed other victims to be placed in harm’s way.

What is wrong with our justice system? Something should’ve been done to ensure the punishment of Lafave, the judge and the district attorneys should’ve pressed charges on behalf of the people of Florida. But everything was just dismissed as if to tell the whole world that this situation was perfectly tolerable. This makes me ask a few legitimate questions, does this judge and the other court officials have kids? If this behavior is appropriate does this mean that they do the same things to their children? After all, it is acceptable right? I think seriously that this judge and the lawyers/officers involved should be investigated as this was not only a slap in the face to the victims but also publicly showing that they are all in favor of child molestation and the rape of children.

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