Power Laptop Vs. Power Management Laptop

Laptops are very popular, and with todays technology getting stronger and stronger, they are starting to take over everyone’s houses. Desktops are popular, but laptops are beginning to make a run to the top. Everyone remembers when laptop were 12 pounds, had tiny screens, and couldn’t handle much power. Now a days, you see laptops that are under 2 pounds that can hold a bunch of information, play dvd’s and music, and play games. Well there are differences between those that can do that, and those that cannot. What we’re going to talk about now is the differences between Desktop Replacement Laptops and Power Management Laptops. Now Intel makes the Pentium 4 processor and the Centrino chip, so what’s the difference? Well it is easy… If a laptop holds a Pentium 4 chip it is obviously going to use much more power, therefore limiting the battery life, as with Centrino Technology, battery life lasts 5 times longer, and laptops are 3 times lighter. How does this help the average person? You think to yourself, why not add the extra pounds and get a longer life battery and your set with a Desktop Replacement Laptop… That is not true, because Centrino is very powerful also, and normally many people do not play games on laptops. Now I said normally… There are still many people that like the portability, and luxury of playing high end games on a smaller machine, so they go for the power sucker. Workers that use there laptops for work and document there data, can use a laptop with Centrino, because they won’t be using it for games.

With a Desktop Replacement Machine, two things must be in the back of your mind. Make sure you use the laptop in a cooler environment, and make sure you don’t have to lug it around all of the time. Those are the two major problems with Desktop Replacement machines. Usually with more power, and a stronger processor that Desktop PC’s use, laptops can have problems overheating and shutting down unexpectedly, which means the computer is doing too much. With Desktop Replacement Laptops, you use a lot more data, and the hard drive can only handle so much. Now you’re probably wondering with all of these problems why get this piece of junk? You have to understand, these are laptops… Not PC’s, so you can’t treat them like you would in a PC. Sure with the Desktop Replacement machines, they can handle a lot more than a regular power saver laptop, but they still aren’t as powerful as a PC. If you burn the hell out of a laptop, obviously it is going to want to shut down and cool off, so just keep it to a limit. Nows the pros about Desktop Replacement Laptops are they can play many of todays games. Normally laptops have a 64 MB video card, which can barely handle most games, but with Power Suckers, normally a 128 MB ATI card is used. Pentium 4 processors are also used in Power Suckers, and the reason this is because Desktop Replacements are usually a little bigger then the Power Saver, so it can handle a little more hardware. The only problem with that is, there is no power saving at all. You’d be lucky to get 2 hours if that on a Desktop Replacement Laptop. Be sure you want to play games, and use the laptop for a lot of entertainment before you go out and buy these monsters. They are mighty powerful, but can be quite expensive, and can use a crap load of power.

Now on to the lightweight Power Savers. Centrino is a mobile chip that saves battery life by a lot. The average Centrino Laptop can last about 8 to 12 hours on a battery which is great for a lot of commuters, and people that like to use there laptop on the go. The Pros about it simply are, they are very light, between 2 and 4 pounds, and can last a long time on a battery. The Cons are they lack gaming ability. You probably won’t see many Centrino Laptops above 2 GHZ. Many of them are between 1.4 and 1.8 GHZ, which is good for what is running. DVD’s can be viewed, and music can be played on these machines with no problem. You just won’t be able to play many games on them. Like I said commuters like the luxury of longer battery life, so that they can type up there documents on the train to work, etc. Plus lugging around these machines are simple. Any weakling could literally do it, as with the Desktop Monsters at 12 pounds, it is like lugging a dumbbell around all the time, and that is no fun. Be cautious to what you want, because you have to know the difference between Pentium and Centrino. Pentium is more power, and Centrino is more battery life.

Now that we have went over the Pros and Cons about both machines, we have to talk about price ranges, etc. You would actually think Desktop Replacement Laptops would be more money, but that is not always the case. Most of the time you will see power savers be much more, because of there power life. Desktop Replacement Laptops use a lot of power, and if you don’t need a laptop for gaming, it is much more worth going with the lighter Centrino machines. Save the Pentium for the PC. But if you must play games, and use the laptop for more entertainment purposes go for the Desktop Replacement Machines. Just make sure you don’t carry it around all the time, as you might get back spasms from it. A little joke to lighten up your day! Or night!

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