Preparing Your Taxes in Laconia and the Lakes Region

If the idea of preparing your taxes freaks you out, stay calm and check out these four places in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire to help you out. Some are for businesses that are fairly new while others are for personal taxes. Whoever you decide to go with, always keep in mind to read the fine print before agreeing to anything. Also it’s a good idea to ask if they offer a money back guarantee and what the details about the guarantee are. Checking online reviews and asking around may also help you decide in who to go with for your tax needs.

Rose L Archambault, CPA is located on 391 S Main St, Laconia in New Hampshire. Their phone number is: (603) 524-7997. This agency helps those who need aid in bookkeeping, accounting and QuickBooks computer software. For those who would like to do their own taxes but have never used the program before, they will train you and others such as your friends and co -workers how to use it. This company provides complete tax preparing for those who are just starting a business or who are already established. For those who aren’t part of a business but need tax help, they also provide personal tax preparation.

Nathan Wechsler & Company Professional Associations located on 277 Union Ave, Laconia, NH and their phone number is: (603) 524-7651. They also have an office in Concord, NH. This company provides help with taxes on dealing with both business and personal tax planning along with form of ownership planning. If you’re looking for information on local, state and the federal review, they can help prepare it for you. Also they provide aid in what tax methods there are and the requirements.

Harold W Maxham Tax Service in Meredith, NH. Their phone number is: (603) 279-8735. This tax service provides picking up your work and also delivering your work and it’s free! During the tax season they are open everyday so even the busiest of people will be able to get in contact with them. They also offer a free newsletter via e-mail. If you have the time, they have great information on their official website which can be accessed via:

Online they offer information on:

2004 Standard Deduction

2004 Tax Rate Schedule

2004 Personal Exemptions

Tax Rules

Who Must File and loads more information.

But if you’re looking for a more traditional company to help you with your taxes, there’s an H & R Block right in Laconia, New Hampshire. It’s located on 241 Union Ave and their phone number is: (603) 524-0951. They offer a 100% money back guarantee and you can also do their taxes via Hrblock online. Or you can work with them evenings and weekends. They also offer a tax income course to help you figure out your financials. The course lasts eleven weeks. Check out online to see about enrollment and prices. H & R Block is also available in Espanol on their website.

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