Preparing an Elegant Table Setting

Preparing an elegant table setting can serve different purposes. For the person on a weight loss regime, it can change eating into an enjoyable experience. For the person on an entertainment regime, it can provide a flair of sophistication. How does one prepare an elegant table setting?

1) First of all, purchase some elegant stemware glasses. They do not have to be purchased at an expensive department store. There are some fully functional ones available at garage sales, thrift stores, etc. Just look around and you shall find them.

2) Purchase some china to go along with the stemware glasses mentioned above. Same rules apply, too. I have purchased classy, perfect chinaware from garage sales. Or, use some attractive stoneware dishes. There are so many varieties available to choose from. They can all provide an elegant table setting.

3) Choose a full course meal that lends an air of sophistication. Have beverages, appetizers, soup and/or salad, entr�©e, side dish, and dessert.

a. Your full course meal need not be high in calories or fat, either. It does not have to be difficult, either.

4) Use a freshly-ironed linen tablecloth with a center floral bouquet for an elegant table setting. Linen tablecloths provide an air of distinction that will be welcomed.

5) Always serve your food so that it is eye appealing. This is the universal appeal of successful elegant restaurants. Chefs are trained in treating the food as a piece of art and presenting it that way. Attempt to do the same.

6) Use your senses in improving the eating experience. Savor the sight, aroma, and texture of your food. Smell each bite before placing it into your mouth. (Remember Hawkeye on MASH?) Enjoy each bite, slowly chewing and savoring the experience. Slowing down the speed in which you eat your food is a wonderful technique used by weight loss experts.

a. Eating can be a sensual experience. Make it that way. Don’t eat just for the sake of eating. Use your senses.

7) Play some soft music in the background. This goes back to enjoying the entire dining experience. Turn it into a sensual one. Turn off the computer, television, or any outside interruption possibilities. These would take away from all the ambience of your elegant table setting.

8) Use a formal place setting. Wrap your linen napkins in a ring. Use polished silverware. Of course, use your fine china and elegant stemware. Having a formal place setting makes for a truly elegant table setting.

9) Either use dim lighting or candlelight. This is historically romantic. Some like it, while some do not. If you are dining alone, do whatever floats your boat. If you have a dining partner, find out what they prefer. It is all part of preparing an elegant table-setting environment.

10) Serve chilled beverages in elegant stemware glasses.

11) China tea cups and saucers make for a delightful addition to an elegant table setting. Use them for an after dinner tea or coffee drink.

Preparing an elegant table setting is not as time consuming as it may seem. It does require some thought and coordination, though. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it quite enjoyable. Enjoy!

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