Gradually Going Organic

Would you like to experience the nutritional and taste advantages of eating organic foods? Are you wondering what foods to select, and how to shop for them frugally? Here are five good tips to help you add more natural, raw, and organic foods to your diet.

Shop at Natural and Organic Food Stores
You will find the best variety and often the freshest selection at online organic and local natural food stores. Although some large grocery store chains are now offering a few organic foods, specialty natural food websites and stores offer many, many more. Local health food stores, in particular, often buy fruits, vegetables, and other organic foods locally. This assures you of receiving the freshest and most nutritious produce possible.

Add Organic Produce to Your Diet First
With so many types of natural and organic foods available, it may be confusing choosing what to buy. Organic fruits and vegetables are a great place to start. If you haven’t eaten much organic produce, you may be pleasantly surprised how delicious and flavorful natural organic fruits and vegetables are!

An easy way to add the nutritional benefits of raw salads to your diet more often is to buy mixed organic greens packaged in bags. Use them to quickly create healthful salads by adding fresh vegetables, seeds, and nuts etc. to the greens.

Experiment Adding Other Organic Foods to Your Diet
Once you begin eating and enjoying flavorful organic fruits and vegetables regularly, you may want to add other natural foods to your diet as well. Organic seeds, nuts, beans, and grains are good choices. Usually these foods can be bought in bulk, and are sold by weight. This is a good way to experiment and try out new food items without spending much money. Dairy foods may also be items you wish to try. Cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, and other organic dairy foods are available.

Buy Organic Foods on Sale
Whether you are buying organic foods from local stores or online natural food sites, buy as much as you can on sale and stock up. While buying large amounts of some foods such as fresh produce is not possible, you can still choose to buy as many of the store’s sale items as feasible. With non-perishable items, purchase as many as your budget allows.

Use Store or Website Discounts
If your organic foods source offers a senior discount, and you qualify, take it. Even small percentages off of prices add up. Likewise, take advantage of any other store or website discount offered – coupons, reduced shipping on quantity orders etc

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