How to Make Falafel from Mix

Falafel is a traditional recipe and a popular street food in middle eastern countries. It is originally made from fresh chickpeas and spices, but you can also make a dry falafel mix from bean flour, which is equally tasty. Falafel is usually served with pita bread, making a sandwich.

Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 15 min
Total time: 45 min
Yield: 7 to 8 servings

Garbanzo bean flour: 6 cups
Kosher salt: 2 tbsp
Parsley: 4 tbsp
Cumin powder: 1 tbsp
Garlic powder: 1 tbsp
Baking powder: 1.5 tsp
Grounded Coriander: 1.5 tsp
Onion powder: 1.5 tsp
Turmeric: 1.5 tsp
Water: ½ cup
Lemon Juice: 2 tsp
Oil for frying


  • 1

    Make your own homemade falafel mix

    Take large, clean and dry mixing bowl and add six cups of Garbanzo bean flour into add. Measure two tablespoons of Kosher salt and add them to the bean flour. Also measure one teaspoon each of cumin powder and garlic powder and sprinkle them over the bean flour.

    Mix all the ingredients thoroughly using a dry wooden or plastic spatula. Now add one and half teaspoon each of onion powder and turmeric powder to the flour and continue mixing it well. In the end add one and a half teaspoon of ground coriander and an equal amount of baking powder to the dry mixture and stir thoroughly to combine all ingredients completely. Your homemade falafel mix is ready. Transfer it to a clean, airtight jar and store in a dry place.

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    Make falafel patties

    To make your falafel patties, measure one cup falafel mix and put it in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add half a cup of hot water and two teaspoons of lemon juice to the dry mix and stir well to make a batter with thick consistency. Allow the batter to set in the refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes before you make falafel patties. Form little balls in your hands and flatten them with your fingers to form thin patties.

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    Fry the falafel patties

    Take a frying pan and pour vegetable oil into it. Set the frying pan over the stove and heat the oil on medium heat. When the oil is hot, deep fry the falafel patties in it for two to three minutes per side or until they are crispy and brown.

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    Serve your falafel patties

    Falafel patties are best served in pita bread with cheddar cheese, cucumber, onion and tomato slices. You can also add lettuce leaves. Drizzle your sandwich with tahini sauce and serve.

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