President Bush, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Impeachment

With all of the controversy and outrage that swirled around Bush and his White House cronies, involving Iraq, the economy, Halliburton, and the “outing” of a CIA agent, I find it amazing that virtually no media entity (print or broadcast) has allowed black commentators to voice their opinion on many of these issues. Well, since I, “The G-man,” have often been told that I have “huevos” the size of watermelons, I am going to take this opportunity to grab the media spotlight and convey my sentiments on Bush. In my opinion, the Bush Administration has been built on deception, and you don’t have to look far to find evidence to support this statement. Allow me to present the following examples:

“Pass me a hammer!”
Remember when “Resident Bush” – I gave him that name after a Florida judge ruled in favor of the NAACP suit that claimed many Florida voters had their civil rights violated in the Presidential contest of 2000 – stated that the United States would not engage in nation building? Well, with the recent request of another $120 billion to help reconstruction efforts in Iraq, another $600 million to go toward maintaining the search for weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and various American corporations now setting up shop in Iraq, the United States has more than solidified itself as a nation builder.

“Blame it on the Brits”
When Resident Bush stood before Congress, and the world, during his State of the Union address and proclaimed that Iraq was attempting to acquire “yellow cake” from Niger to produce nuclear weapons, many high level officials within his administration already knew the claim was bogus. What did they do once the major press and most of America found out? They simply shifted the blame by saying, over and over again, that they were standing by information based in British intelligence. I have a question. Even if the Brits did get it wrongâÂ?¦. since when do we rely solely on British intelligence?

“Some slight of hand”
Another lie was unearthed courtesy of former Secretary of State Colin Powell. In a presentation before the United Nations council, Powell presented surveillance photos of Iraqi weapons stations and manufacturing sites, and he repeated time and time again that large stockpiles of WMD were on the verge of being used by Saddam Hussein. Guess what? We didn’t find a thing except camel turds! What’s up with that Colin? What do you have to say “Rummy” boy? The blood of over two thousand five hundred American soldiers has been spilled on Iraqi soil, as many families and grieving widows are left wondering why their love ones had to die. Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with attacking America on September 11, 2001, which was the primary reason the Bush administration claimed the attack was launched. Now they tell Americans that they definitively have not found any WMD. I’m sorry, but the more you examine what has transpired before and after the war; you can’t help but think Bush was taking care of unfinished business for “Big Daddy”.

“Soldier, cancel Christmas!”
This was another whopper that Bush presented in his infamous State of the Union speech. Remember when he said that the United States firmly had a plan in place to deal with a post-war scenario in Iraq? Oh, I get it now! He just forgot to mention the part about it costing nearly $600 billion to actually put that post-war plan into action. There never was a plan! To make matters worse, troops that previously spent more than a year in Iraq, and those who have been out of active duty for years, were being re-deployed with no clear idea of when they would come home. This is total nonsense! With no plan in place to this day, American troops and their families are being broken and pushed to the extreme as a result of lies, inept political leadership, and piss-poor planning from both parties and the military.

“Flight Deck Freddie”
This had to be the biggest and phoniest photo-op in the history of any Commander-in-Chief! Talk about catching deception on videotape! Bush landed on an aircraft carrier that proudly displayed a banner saying, “Mission Accomplished.” The trouble was U.S. soldiers were still being killed and used for target practice as he stood before soldiers, and the nation, and claimed that Hussein had been defeated and full-scale combat operations had ceased. Last time I checked, Osama bin Laden, who was solely responsible for the carnage and terror of 9/11, had not been caught and the Saudi government was never taken to task for their involvement, with regard to the hijackers. Still, “Big Tex” just strolled onto the ship like we truly vanquished the so-called enemy. If you take into consideration the psychological toll this war has taken on our soldiers, I guarantee you we are losing far more soldiers on a daily basis than anyone could imagine. Mission accomplished, huh?

“The Hard Truth”
I’m not going to waste time, so I’ll come right out and say it. This administration cannot be trusted to tell you the truth about anything! I don’t care of it’s Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, or Rice. You see Colin Powell got smart and bounced from all the madness associated with the Bush administration. Nothing they have said, past or present, has ever panned out, and they all stand behind the term, “I misspoke” whenever they realize they screwed up. Don’t believe me? Feel free to refer to videotaped footage of them getting their faces twisted and lies unraveled on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Tim Russert and other political news shows. I’ll quote Mastercard by saying, “The looks on their faces in the aftermath of a Russert butt kickingâÂ?¦priceless!”

With all the lies and deception surrounding this administration, I could not help but reflect on former President Bill Clinton. I kept thinking about how he was taken through the impeachment process, and how so many Americans were outraged that he lied to the country about being involved with Monica Lewinsky. Americans wanted to lynch Clinton for that, and they wanted to do the same with Hillary just on general principle. Americans wanted him out of office in the worst way. “What he did was so disgusting!” “What he did disgraced the White House and shamed his family!” That was the sentiment of many in this country, but let me tell you what a lot of us are saying now. Quietly, in our homes, apartments, offices, workout facilities and shopping malls, we are saying, “Damn, I miss Bill Clinton!”

I dare say this country misses Bill Clinton because the economy was pumping when he had the reigns. Under Clinton, people could find jobs faster than we’ve been able to find WMD. The country misses him because we felt safe and knew that other countries had our back if some problems developed. Now, most of the world would be very comfortable with sitting back and watching us get our tail handed to us in a major conflict. Impeachment on the grounds of getting “noogie” was bull! Leading the country into war under false pretenses through lies, a “sexed up” State of the Union speech, forged documents, questionable photos, and deception is a legitimate case for tossing President Bush out of office! It didn’t happen thanks to a Republican controlled House and Senate, and that’s a damn shame.

While both men may have lied about facts involving presidential policy and procedures, while taking full advantage of Executive Privilege, there is no doubt that justification for an impeachment of Bush would have been much stronger. I strongly believe this because Clinton getting freaky in the Oval Office did not lead to the unnecessary death of close to two thousand plus U.S. troops or create legions of military widows and fatherless children. Getting cozy with the hired help did not force our allies to turn their backs on us in defiance to our extreme arrogance regarding foreign policy. Clinton’s lies and deceit may have gotten him laid, but Bush’s lies and deceit have caused American soldiers to be laid to rest!

The sentiment against our Iraq policy is growing, and groups that the sorry ass media refuse to cover are leading the charge. They consist of military wives, recently retired soldiers, veterans of World War II and Vietnam, and family members that are worried about the safety of their loved ones stationed and re-deployed in Iraq. The carnage is increasing on a daily basis, and our troops are nothing more than sitting ducks for the terrorists and insurgents. You don’t have to accept this chapter as proof that Bush has spun a web of lies and deception during the last five years of his presidency. Just listen to the growing number of wives and family members who are demanding that their loved ones be allowed to come home. That is, if the media weasels in this country will finally allow them to speak.

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