President Bush and Bush the Band: It’s the Little Things that Kill Me

I enjoy the music of the band Bush much more than I enjoy anything that comes out of the mouth of our President Bush. Doesn’t everyone? I even like that song off of the album Razorblade Suitcase; I think it was called “Swallowed.” And what about that video that was modeled after the movie The Fly, that was a sweet video. Bush the band is cool by meâÂ?¦.the President Bush, eh, not so much.

With that said, I would like to do something that some may say is a little crazy, a little whack-errific. I want to use the lyrics to Bush’s hit song “Little Things” to describe how I feel about President Bush, The Rapture and the general plights of our Great Society. This is a little out there, and I’m sure all the brain-dead, conservative leaning jerkoffs who seem to read my articles in fucking droves- busloads of senior citizens to Atlantic City, fucking droves- won’t find a speck of humor in this analysis or de-analysis or breakdown or whatever it is. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore to tell you the truth. I lost it a long time agoâÂ?¦

“A piece of sky
Every night
Loaded on wrong
And further from right
Spinning around
Two howling moons
‘Cause they’re always there
Whatever I do”

I love the line “loaded on wrong and further from right.” Is that not some goddamn poetry straight from the lips of Mr. Gwen Stefani himself, the immortal Gavin Rossdale? Shit, truly beautiful. President Bush is so stupid; he is so loaded on wrong. And “further from right” is like some double entendre, doubly duty, pun included shit. Bush is right (conservative) but he’s also further from right (he’s wrong, politically, morally, what have you). Poetry.

“The river is loaded
I’ve been there today
Took it some question
She does me again
I’d die in your arms
If you were dead too
Here comes a lie
We will always be true”

Well, of course the loaded river that Bush speaks of is obviously Iraq, and this mysterious “she” is Condoleezza Rice. Bush (the President) is willing to die in the arms of Ms. Condi if it means that the Great Lie (everything that administration has ever done or said) “will always be true.” Is Gavin Rossdale a seesayer? Did you really have to ask?

“Going up
When coming down
Scratch away
It’s the little things that kill
Tearing at my brain again
Oh the little things that kill
The little things that kill”

This is the chorus. This is really important. This isn’t so much about President Bush himself but rather how I feel about him personally (well, me and about 20 publishing companies who put out those stupid Bush quote books). How would the band Bush be able to write a song that describes how Jetlag Democracy would feel about a future President Bush a decade in the future? That’s what I’m talking about! If you don’t own Sixteen Stone, you have to go on Amazon right now.

“Bigger you give
Bigger you get
We’re boss at denial
But best at forget
Cupboard is empty
We really need food
Summer is winter
And you always knew”

I like that Bush (the band) used the word boss as an adjective meaning good or great, how 1996 is that? This verse is the most obtuse of them all, but that’s okay. They still make some pretty good points. For instance, take “We’re boss at denial / but best at forget.” Does that not sum up the entire Bush regime’s agenda? Tell me that it doesn’t and I will tell you that you are a fool, you.

“I touch your mouth
My willy is food
Addicted to love
I’m addicted to fools shit
I kill you once
I kill you again
We’re starving and crude
Welcome my friends toâÂ?¦”

Ooh, this one is so dirty. It makes me wiggle every time I read it because it makes an elusion to “oral sex.” The “willy” is President Bush’s cock and that “mouth” is the collective mouth of the people. “I kill you once / I kill you again” signifies the looming return to the draft (once the AVF has been exhausted in Iraq and Iran). President Bush is the anti-Christ and despite what you may think, or what you may have heard, he will kill all of us working class people sooner or later. By 2008, Iraq’s Civil War won’t be an issue at all. It will be Civil War II and WWIII: coming to a strip mall near you, USA.

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