Prevent Heat Exhaustion This Summer with These Alternative Treatments

With summer here and the heat blazing there are a number of alternative treatments to use to prevent heat exhaustion. You’ve heard it before preventing heat exhaustion is really simple and can be avoided by drinking enough fluids, water or sports drinks, not alcohol or soda drinks, wearing loose fitting clothes, and staying indoors during the heat of the day. However, what you may not have heard is how alternative treatments may also prevent heat exhaustion.

One of the main reasons a person suffers from heat exhaustion is that the electrolytes in the body are low or empty. Taking liquid minerals will help to prevent muscle cramps, dehydration, and prevent electrolytes from getting dangerously low. Minerals such as, magnesium, calcium, and manganese in a water based formula works the best. Take about �¼ teaspoon with four ounces of water three times a day.

Some people, like myself, are more sensitive to heat. If hot weather makes you extremely uncomfortable try taking some lemon balm, which works to keep your body temperature down. Drink several glasses of herbal iced tea made from lemon balm every day. To make the tea, add Ã?¼ cup of dried herb to one quart of boiled water. Let it steep for 30 minutes to an hour, strain, and then refrigerate until it’s chilled. Not only is it delicious but it also works to cool your body temperature, which prevents heat exhaustion.

Also, if you are very sensitive to the heat try some flower essences to prevent heat exhaustion. Take four drops of St. John’s wort flower essence every day for at least a month until your sensitivity goes down. Your best bet is to take flower essences during the late winter or early spring months so by the time the summer heat rolls around your body will be ready for it. If you are planning on going on a summer vacation to a tropical island make sure you start early eating the types of foods that are common in that area. Heat exhaustion is more likely to occur while you are in unfamiliar climates because of the changes in temperature, foods, and time zones. So eating lots of fruits is very beneficial in preventing heat exhaustion while on summer trips in different climates. Plus, the fruits are filled with electrolytes and fluid.

Finally, you can try homeopathy to cool down your heat exhaustion symptoms. Homeopathy helps people who are suffering from a headache the size of Guam and literally a red-hot face. Put two capsules of 12C potency Glonoinum under your tongue for 15 minutes. Do this twice. If you don’t feel any better after doing this twice, go see a doctor. If it works, continue to take two capsules every three to four hours for the rest of the day.

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