Prevent Indoor Allergies with Household Items

Unfortunately, I suffer from allergies to pollen, mold, and dust. For those that suffer from indoor allergies like dust, there are a number of household items you can use to prevent those allergic reactions. Now these may not help every person since each person’s body is different and each allergy is unique to that person but these items have been proven to help with allergies.

The first household item to help prevent allergies is to chew two Altoids Peppermints, which can help clear up a stuffy, congested nose. Another type of peppermint that can also help to prevent indoor allergies is to eat a Peppermint York Pattie, which can quickly clear up a stuffy nose. Eating Dannon yogurt can prevent the body’s immune system with its’ active ingredients that work to fight certain allergies and viral infections. The next household item you can use to prevent indoor allergies is to spray some Endust on fan blades and air ducts that carry and build up dust, which irritates sensitive noses and causes allergies.

This may be one you haven’t heard of before but using some Glad trash bags and Scotch packaging tape to help prevent allergies. Cut open the sides of several bags take your sheets and pillowcases off of your mattress and pillows. Wrap the trash bags around your mattress and pillows taping it with scotch tape to prevent dust mites from getting on the mattress and pillows. Replace your sheets and pillowcases.

If you are allergic to metal or copper, try painting whatever the item in metal is with Maybelline Crystal clear nail polish, this works to prevent skin irritations. Coffee filters can be used for more than making coffee it can be used as a dust mask. Simply put it over your nose and mouth when dusting or experiencing an allergic response to dust, unbelievable that I never thought of this one it seems simple enough. Another use for Scotch packaging tape to help prevent indoor allergies is to use it to remove lint, pet hairs, and fuzz from clothing. Simply wrap a strip of the tape around your hand or on your clothing and pat your clothes in order to remove the lint, pet hairs, and fuzz balls.

Some facts about indoor allergies: Most of the dust indoors comes from us – a whooping 80 percent of house dust comes from dead skin cells. When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop, including your heart. Also, when you sneeze if your eyes didn’t close, they would pop out. Lastly, follow your mother’s advice and cover your mouth when you sneeze. Particles from a sneeze travel at 103.6 miles per hour.

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