Producing Your Own Music in A Simple Home Based Music Studio

There have been a lot of cries in the country where I come from by musicians that a lot of their efforts and money end up benefiting the music producers, managers and sponsors. But, with the increase in technology, nowadays, studios can be made or acquired easily with home based music production made possible.

To have a home based music studio, there are a few things that are needed for use. These things include a sound proof room, a computer, music mixer, microphones and audio recorder.

A room should be provided for at home which has a capacity to contain the machines that are being used for recording. And since the microphone is of a sensitive type, the room should therefore not allow any external sound to interfere with the quality of music to be produced.

The computer should have high speed, high capacity hard disk and a large amount of RAM, able to execute heavy programs within a short time and with capability to operate the mixer, integrating the sound from the microphone and providing the beats. Music production software such as the fluty loop series, with ability to provide a wide range of beats, and at the same time operate all musical classes and modules, is used in home music production. An external speaker for tasting and controlling the quality of music being produced and played is also a necessary connection to the computer.

Home based studio does not require a sophisticated sound mixer, but a four to six channel mixer with ability to operate with phantom power microphones is necessary. The number of channels in a mixer is determinants of the number of microphones which can be operated at a time, but with proper production skills, it doesn’t limit the number of people who can be recorded in one song.

Microphones which are best for home studio production are those with extreme sensitivity that would be able to transfer the vocal chords into the mixer then to the computer with clarity. Condenser type microphones, with a large diaphragm, having the capability to enhance ones own vocals, is the best choice for home music production. They are also very powerful and that is the reason as to why the room which has been selected for home studio production should be shielded from all sorts of noises emanating from the outside.

The singer herself should take into consideration the fact that condenser type microphones does in clearly record a wide range of voice frequency, thereby recording with clarity even the simple mistakes, thus adequate preparation before recording is a necessity.

For quality music to be produced by any artist, the best thing to do is to learn some basic principles of music, but much more should be done in learning how to use the software being used. There is a lot of wealth in good software that contains the beats, instrumentation provisions (guitar, piano and other related sounds and drums) and general music style required. With advancement in skills to adequately utilize the software, sound integration from the microphone will enable good quality music to be recorded and saved in the computer hard disk. The save music can thereafter be edited and produced according to ones own taste and preference, using the software available. The saved music can thereafter be written in audio disks or cassettes using the recorder.

The first step therefore in having a home based studio, is to purchase the required machinery, which roughly would cost (for starters) 2000 US dollars and thereafter improved on. The second step would be to patiently learn how to integrate the voice into the music software, with adept knowledge on how to maximally benefit from the pre-designed software. Best produced music can save the up coming artist a lot of stress, trying to follow up on ‘bad’ producers and sponsors!

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