Product Review: All Purpose Wipes

There is never a lack of chores that need to be done around the home. As soon as you have finished one job, another one pops up! With that in mind, many people would like some help in getting household chores done. All Purpose Wipes can help to make the household chores quicker and easier to accomplish. This article will look at how All Purpose Wipes can be used in various parts of the home to keep it clean.

Product Description

There are 40 All Purpose Wipes in every container. They do not irritate skin and they can be used all over the home to clean hard, non-porous surfaces. But they are not intended as personal care products for humans or animals.


All Purpose Wipes are handy to use when cleaning bathrooms. Use the wipes to clean door handles, the toilet and fixtures, taps and window sills. These are regions that can sometimes be overlooked when cleaning bathrooms.

Home Office

The home office can become quite dusty and need regular attention, especially if this room is used quite often. All purpose wipes can be used to wipe down the computer monitor, keyboard and mouse. These regions collect a lot of dirt and need to be cleaned regularly.


Who wants to use a household cleaner and a rag to clean in between hard to reach banisters? All Purpose Wipes get in between banisters and remove dust, cat hair and dirt that has settled without having to worry about cleaning the rag regularly. Simply dispose of the wipes when you are finished.

Utility Room

A utility room should be kept clean and tidy. After all, you do not want to take freshly laundered clothes and place them on top of a dirty tumble dryer. All Purpose Wipes can be used to remove dust and dirt that build up around the washing machine and tumble dryer.


Kitchen spills and spattered food in the microwave and on the cooker are common. All Purpose Wipes are effective at picking up spills and spatters, as long as they are not dried onto the surface.


I would recommend All Purpose Wipes for light cleaning jobs that need to be done around the home. But they cannot take the place of stronger household cleaners and should not be treated as such. When using All Purpose Wipes, they should be used soon after removing them from the container, as the wipes dry out quite quickly.

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