Product Review: All Small and Mighty Laundry Detergent with Stainlifter

Living on a budget means always looking for the best products that suit your needs that fall within your budget. As a college student living on a really tight budget, finding the best products that you can buy without breaking the bank is hard. Having to spend $3 a week on laundry is especially tough, so finding a cheap laundry detergent that does the job is essential.

That’s where All Small & Mighty with Stainlifter comes in. For under $4, you can buy a bottle that will cover 32 loads of laundry, using half of what the other detergents use. This is a college student’s dream. Especially if you have loads of varying sizes every week.

For smaller, normal loads, a half a cap will cover it. For larger loads, a full cup will clean your laundry and leave it smelling fresh and clean. Because this product has a built in stain lifter, you don’t have to worry about doubling up to buy a stain lifter to apply before washing. You can pre-treat with the detergent, and wash which will remove most, if not all of the stains. I’ve found for best results, pre-treat at least a few hours before washing, and as soon as possible. Adding a bit more detergent during washing also helps lift the stain.

Another thing that I absolutely love about All Small & Mighty is that I can place this bottle just about anywhere without it getting in the way. I don’t have to worry about the bottle getting the way. I can place it in the smallest corner of my closet and not have to find another, inconvenient place to store it until its next use. Trips to the laundry room aren’t a juggling act anymore. I can place the small bottle in the basket with my clothes and it does not way me down, nor does it make carrying the basket awkward. No more trying to carry a bottle by a uncomfortable handle and juggling the laundry basket at the same time! Another plus about this product is the smell. It has a very refreshing smell that does not smell like a detergent at all.

The only thing I wish I could change about All Small & Mighty is its stain lifting abilities. Sometimes, it does not get every stain out, or even lighten it. Sometimes, you are better off using a regular pre-treat stain product before you throw the clothes in the washer.

For the price, the amount of detergent you need, and the two in one formula, this product is a definite must if you do not wash a lot of clothes each week.

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