Eco-Friendly Laundry Products by Sweet Grass Farms

Eco-friendly Laundry Products by Sweet Grass Farms offer an alternative solution to cleaning clothing as opposed to using harsh detergents. Laundry is the thing that comes closest to us and by using Eco-friendly Laundry Products laundry is softer, gentler and also reduces the irritation to skin caused by regular detergents.

Using Eco-friendly Laundry Products such as the one made by Sweet Grass Farms offers the opportunity to clean clothes using a natural product which does not contain phosphates. Perfect to use for those with sensitive skin, the gentle product is safe to use in commercial and regular washers as well as in septic tanks. Available in either Lavender or Lemon Verbena scented the Eco-friendly Laundry Product is a favorite and leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean. A four pound bag yields approximately 58 loads and retails for $14.00.

Eco-friendly Fabric Softener is the one of the finishing touches to the perfect load of laundry. Sweet Grass Farms Eco-friendly Fabric Softener is chemical free and is made of all natural plant based ingredients. Available in either Lemon Verbena or Lavender scent, the all natural Eco-friendly Fabric Softener is sold in a 32 ounce bottle and retails for $15.00.

Other excellent Eco-friendly Laundry Products by Sweet Grass Farms include Eco-friendly Laundry Sachet. Useful for placing in the dryer or in dresser drawers or even in a bundle of clothing for a fresh scent, the Eco-friendly Laundry Sachet and is available in either Lavender or Lemon Verbena. Staying true to the concept of sustainable living these easy to use Laundry Sachets can be used up to 5 or 6 times. The Eco-friendly Laundry Sachet is offered in a bundle of 3 and retails for $6.00.

The use of laundry spray brings back memories of days gone by. The Eco-friendly Linen and Room Spray is a dual use product and allows one to create a sweet and natural fragrance throughout the home as well as in the linen. The chemical free all natural fresh smelling linen sprays are also great as a housewarming gift, a special extra in a bridal gift, or other special occasion. Spraying the bed linens with relaxing Lavender or invigorating Lemon Verbena Eco-friendly Linen and Room Spray put the finishing touch on the perfect bed. The all natural Eco-friendly Linen and Room Spray is sold in a 17.6 ounce bottle for $7.00.

For more information on Eco-friendly Laundry Products by Sweet Grass Farms visit the Web site for Shop Blue House. Customer inquiries can also be made at 877-276-1180.

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