Sun & Earth: My Natural Choice for All Purpose Cleaners

In our green household, I am ever looking for all-natural cleaning and personal care products that perform better than the major name brands on the market. It can be trial and error, but after eight years I have found a good supply of products and brands that I trust. Among them is Sun & Earth All Purpose Spray.

This product comes in a 22 ounce spray bottle, with a trigger sprayer. It nozzle has a valve that allow you to choose the spray or stream mode, as well as locking it to the “off” position. The bottle has finger grooves at the neck that makes for a very comfortable hold, as well as preventing this from slipping out of my hands (especially if they get wet while cleaning).

What This Cleaner Works On

* Greasy Stovetops
* Refrigerators
* Pet Areas
* Kitchen Countertops
* Baby Changing Tables
* Children’s High Chairs
* Floors
* School Desks
* Toys
* Bathrooms
* Car Interiors


If using non-toxic cleaners is as important to you as it is to me, you’ll want to know what this contains. It’s pretty simple, the contents are: natural based surfactants derived from coconut and vegetable oil, orange oil, preservative and water.

About Sun & Earth All Purpose Spray

* Safe for septic systems
* Biodegradable
* Not tested on animals
* No fragrance added other than the orange oil
* Free of petroleum ingredients
* Ranked #1 in independent laboratory tests (beat out Fantastic and 409)
* Contains no polluting phosphates

My Experience

This cleaner is a pleasure to use! When I am done with my cleaning chores, instead of smelling bleach or other disinfectants, all I smell is the great fresh scent of oranges! What could be nicer? One thing to note is that this cleaner does not disinfect, and it is not anti-bacterial. I prefer that, because I truly feel that too many products kill bacteria (it can be hard to find ones that don’t), and I have read and believe that these are producing super germs. A good cleaner and some friction are all that is needed to clean! Oh, the antibacterial products have their place in hospitals and other such institutions, but I don’t want them in my home.

I love the fact that I can clean toys and pet areas without worrying about children or my dog getting sick from the residues it may leave behind. I have had my share of toxic cleaners in my home, and they all ended up in the dumpster! I also feel good about using this while having our own spetic system on our property. It cost us $12,000 8 years ago to put in a new leech field, and the engineer told us NOT to use any bleach or antibacterial products, since they will kill the bacteria that our system needs to perk properly. Believe me, I don’t want to be replacing our septic again for a very long time, and if that means using products like Sun & Earth All Purpose Cleaner, then that’s what I’ll do.

Putting that all aside, this product cleans great! It really does do a good job of cutting through grease. I cleaned my stove top last week, and this made the chore much less work. I can even clean my vinyl floors with it, by diluting it 10:1 with water. It cleans nicely, and leaves me with a shiny floor.

Sun & Earth are so confident in their products that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. What do you have to lose?

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