Utilizing Hallway Space in a Small Home or Apartment

In my small apartment I had no problem with unused space in a hallway or anywhere else. However, over the years I developed a talent for utilizing what little space I did have. I’ve become a virtual expert on organization and the use of space. Here’s my ten best tips for utilizing hall space.

1. Books

When I thought about writing this article, the very first thing that came to mind is books. Of course, I’ve been reading since the ripe old age of 4 and writing soon after that. Books are never far from my mind. I’ve always wanted a library and never had room for one. What better use for an unused hallway than your very own library? Just line the entire thing with bookshelves and stuff it chock full of books. Think how smart everyone will think you are with all those books.

2. Nick-knacks

What about all those seemingly useless artifacts, “doo-dads” and “what-nots” you have been collecting over the years? Scatter some randomly spaced wall shelves all the way down that lonesome hallway and give your artifacts a purpose in life.

3. Kids crafts

You know that huge, overstuffed box you have stashed away? The one with all the drawings and crafts your kids and possibly grandkids have made you over the years? You can’t bear to part with them but you don’t know what to do with them either. Why not haul them out, put them in some nice frames, make a few collages and cover those hallway walls with them?

4. Photos

You know that other box. The one with all those photos you have been meaning to frame. Well, what are you waiting for? Why not utilize hall space by making a collage or simply getting them all framed up? You don’t have to use conventional frames either. How about a little decoupage project?

5. Quilts

If you are a quilter, seamstress, etc., I would be willing to bet money that you have oodles of unused fabric just laying around waiting to be made into something. I bet a lot of that fabric is beautiful isn’t it? In fact it is probably so pretty that if you stacked it neatly on shelves down that hallway it would look very nice. While you are at it hang some quilts in between the shelves as well. What a nice homey touch!

6. Arts and Crafts

If you’re a crafter like me, you also have boxes and boxes of stuff you have made and haven’t yet sold. Maybe if your artistic endeavors were hanging in your hallway instead of crammed in the back of that closet someone would see them and maybe even buy them.

7. Leave a message

Here’s an interesting idea for families. Paint your hallway with chalkboard paint alternated with cork board and magnet board. Leave each other messages, pin up drawings (skip the box), and play with word magnets. A giant memory board!

8. A Giant 3D mural

Everyone adds to it what they want until it becomes a great work of art. We’re talking seashells, driftwood, stones, marbles and whatever else you have. It could have a theme, or not. You decide.

9. Decorative Trunks and Boxes

Scatter and stack them all up and down the hall. Use them as storage space. Decorate the walls in a travel theme with your vacation pictures as a finishing touch.

10. Hats and Jewelry

Don’t even consider this if there is a man in the house, otherwise it could be quite pretty. Hang hats of every type as well as necklaces and scarves on the walls. Throw in a few hat stands, racks and stacked hat boxes and you have a cute little faux boutique.

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