Product Review: Aquafuzion Water Filtration System

I love the idea of have a water filtration system that filters my entire home. Aquafuzion had promised to do just that I felt more excited than ever. The cost of the Aquafuzion home water filtration system was around $1,200 without the finance charge or the interest rates. This is a review on the product that I had thought was the best Aquafuzion system available but had second thoughts the longer it was in my home.

I have to admit that I worked for one of the franchises that produced this product. My job was to try and talk people into purchasing an Aquafuzion system by telling them why they needed one in their home. Was I lying to people about the product? It is kind of hard to tell the truth about something that you know nothing about so I just stuck to all the facts that I knew. Yes, I was a salesman and good at my job.

The reason that I had quit working for them was because of the results that I got after having one placed in my home. I will now begin to tell you about my experience with the Aquafuzion home water filtration system.

It sounded great; one double tank would run throughout your home to create an entire home filtration system. It would run pure water in my sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and laundry room. Why would I want a filtration system like this? Because it had promises of making your overall bills lower, or so they had promised.

I was told to expect my gas and water bill to be higher the first month after having it installed. Their excuse was that the Aquafuzion home water filtration system would need time to clear out the pipes with fresh water and it would constantly clean itself for the first month.

The first month my water bill spiked to almost $300 and my gas bill was over $200. I had no choice but to pay these and decided that I would give it another chance.

The filtration system works by cleaning out your water system to create pure water. It cleans itself by using salt like most other water filtration systems.

The second month my bills went down but were still higher than normal. Ya, my bills had dropped slightly and I will admit that I have a large family but this was getting a bit ridiculous.

It wasn’t until after I had quit working for them that the problems really started to happen. The Aquafuzion water filtration system was leaking water all down my hallway and into the bedrooms. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it so we called the company.

The company said that we must be adding too much salt to the tank. I found this a bit humorous since we had been adding the same amount the entire time.

About two weeks later, we received a notice in the mail from the Aquafuzion Company stating that they have had many complaints about water coming out of the water filtration systems and it was due to a malfunction in the tanks. I had a sigh of relief until I read further; in order to fix the problem, one of their technicians would need to come out and we would have to pay them $100 just for looking at it and more for the part to replace it.

What? I was going to have to pay for something that had malfunctioned in many homes. Now I was in a dilemma, either I could pay to get it fixed and have my home dry once again or I could have the system taken out.

I wanted the system out of my home; it was costing way more than it was worth and damaging my home in the process. To get the system removed, it would cost me another $600 and would need to be done by a license plumber. Most of the plumbing companies had never even messed with this filtration system before and was scared to touch it.

Oh, but wait it gets better; because no other plumbing company would take it out, I would be left with no choice but to call the Aquafuzion water filtration system company and have one of their workers to remove the product.

I was already having a bad day and now I was going to have to pay a company whose product malfunction, to take the product out of the home? What a nightmare.

Do I recommend the Aquafuzion home water filtration system? After reading this article, you should know that I don’t.

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