Product Review: Bissell Power Force Upright Vacuum

This vacuum has the sucking power of a leech and the dust bunnies run for cover!

I received this Vacuum as a Christmas gift last year and I love it! The main thing I love the best about this vacuum is that it is bag less. There are no messy cleanups afterwards and the compartment that traps the dirt in is easily removable with just a little twist of the wrist. Every time I vacuum my carpets, I take the compartment off that holds all of the dust bunnies and rinse it out with warm water and I am good to go next time. The other vacuums that I have previously owned did not have the suction power that this little baby does! It is very easy to handle and glides along the carpets with ease and does not break your back. It is lightweight and you turn the power on with the push of a button using your foot and there is also a bright light along the bottom on the front which allows you to see what you are vacuuming up before you suck it up.

The motor is very quiet unlike older style vacuums where you need to wear protective gear just to protect your ears from all of the noise. With the Bissell Power Force Vacuum you can hear yourself talking to someone in the room and can also hear anyone else talking to you. Call me crazy but I love my new vacuum so much that everytime I use it I shine it back up like a brand new penny. I wipe everything down on the outside of the vacuum with a damp warm cloth and then rinse out the dirt reservoir under warm soapy water and the filters too. It sparkles like it just came off of the factory floor.

This vacuum is so lightweight but has fantastic suction power to get down deep into the carpet fibers and suck up all the little critters that may be there. The plastic dome that is on front that holds all the dust bunnies comes off with a simple twist and slides right back on and locks in place with a little twist. The filters are all washable too which is great. My vacuum looks brand new after each use because I can rinse out the dirt compartment and all of the filters inside. The Bissell Power Force Vacuum runs on only twelve amps of power but the cleaning job it does is fantastic! I have never owned such a powerful vacuum that has such suction power.

There are many features that this vacuum has that makes this the best vacuum I have ever had.

There are attachments that came with this vacuum and that are stored on the side of the vacuum that will allow you to get into the smallest spaces and along all of the baseboards and you can get into the cracks and crevices of your couches, chairs, behind refrigerators and this amazing vacuum can even suck up the little bunnies off of my mini blinds and along the windowsills using the small brush attachment and hose.

It also has an extra long cord which is very nice because I can plug this in one outlet and can vacuum my entire home without having to unplug the cord when I go into another room. I have had the regular vacuums where you have to change the bags often but with my new vacuum, those bag days are over now. I have gone bagless and so should you! I have seen these at Wal-Mart so grab your keys and go get one of these!

I give the Bissell Power Force Vacuum Five stars for a wonderful product that really sucks!!

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