This is the White House that George Built

This is the White House that George built

These are the CEO’s in their business suits that have come to the White House that George built.

These are the Congressmen asking stern questions from the CEO’s who are sitting in testimony before the Senate and the House.

These are the lobbyists who meet with the Congressmen who demand more answers from the CEO’s of the big three automobile companies.

These are the taxpayers who are alarmed at the lobbyists who speak with the Congressmen who face the CEO’s of each major automotive company.

These are the unemployment officers who are ready to see many more taxpayers who are bothered by the lobbyists’ influences which are compromising their roles with the automobile executives; that are bothered by the loss of their jobs who reside in the White House that George built.

These are the children crying for the government bailout who don’t want to see their parents headed to the unemployment line who are ready for additional layoffs that are being ignored by the lobbyists and many members of Congress which means that the CEO’s will go home empty as they watch their companies die at the hands of Congress and the President.

There are no more paths to glory.

When the economy looks so gory.

All we can do is pray

That the bailout will finally come today.

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