Product Review: Candle Impressions – the Flameless Candle

Imagine having a romantic dinner for two by candlelight. Your date leans over or reaches out for something, and next thing you know, your house is on fire. One might say that if this happens, you might want to reconsider who you’re dating. Or, you could always opt for a Flameless Candle.

Of course, Flameless Candles are good for more than romantic dates, since they can be used for a variety of purposes: they’re a great source of light during blackouts, safe to use in places where open flames are an issue, great to use as nightlights, and you can leave them unsupervised without having to worry about anything overheating or catching on fire. You can enjoy a true candlelight experience without the risks that come with a candle’s open flame.

I recently received Candle Impressions’ square pillar version of the Flameless Candle as a gift and, as a candle lover, I was very curious as to how it would work compared to a real candle. After popping in the batteries and flicking the switch to “on”, I was immediately impressed with this product. Candle Impressions definitely delivered on their promise of replicating a candlelight atmosphere with their patented technology: their Flameless Candles really do glow and flicker like real candles.

Although these candles are not “real”, they are still made of real wax, so it wouldn’t be wise keeping them next to something that emanates a lot of heat. Still, real candles melt as their flame burns, and Flameless Candles do not fall victim to this, since there is no fire. This is a huge bonus because with this product, you can actually have a pretty candle, make use of it, and have it last forever. Generally, if you own a candle with a pretty design, it usually ends up being decoration-only unless you don’t mind it melting and having to buy a new one.

I am extremely satisfied with the convenience this product provides, since I can have instant candle light whenever I want. I don’t need to go hunting for a lighter or a match to light it, and I don’t need to be cautious of an open flame or dripping wax. It is safe all-around, and if you knocked it over, it would still keep glowing and flickering instead of spilling hot wax everywhere and potentially setting nearby things ablaze. I really enjoy being able to keep my Flameless Candle on for as long as I want, without having to worry about it. You can leave it unattended and just relax; the only thing you’d need to “worry” about is replacing the batteries, which is not that often at all. They have low battery consumption, which makes them last up to 350 hours or more, depending on which type of Flameless Candle you buy.

Flameless Candles provide a great sense of safety and comfort, and can even come in soothing scented wax. Real candles are sometimes scented strongly or oddly, but Candle Impressions seems to have gotten the formula right: my Flameless Candle has a soft, soothing, natural vanilla scent, which is not strong but definitely not too subtle either. Candle Impressions provides a variety of scented waxes, so you’re not just limited to vanilla – that’s just my favourite scent. For those who do not like scented candles or are allergic to them, Candle Impressions also offers non-scented candles.

Although I currently own only one of Candle Impressions’ many Flameless Candles, I will gladly buy more. I love candles and own many, but I’d have to say that Flameless Candles are much better: they are a lot safer and very cost-effective since they essentially last forever. There are more benefits to owning a Flameless Candle, and all without any hassle. Since I also have pets, I can use Flameless Candles without worrying about keeping my pets safe from an open candle flame. I absolutely recommend Candle Impressions’ Flameless Candle for everyone who has ever used a candle. If you’ve never used candles that often before, Flameless Candles might make you start now.

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