Product Review: Chef’s Delight 18-Inch Solid Aluminum French Rolling Pin

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to enjoy or need a good rolling pin. Even simple recipes using ready made pizza dough or cookie dough or piecrust require a rolling pin. Wood rolling pins are heavy and bulky and often stick to dough. Additionally, they must be carefully washed and dried so that the wood doesn’t deteriorate over time. Wood is also known to harbor moisture and bacteria, so it is not as hygienic as aluminum.

The Chef’s Delight 18-Inch Solid Aluminum French Rolling Pin is compact and slender and solid. It comes in your choice of red, white, blue, silver or black, which should compliment most kitchen colors. It is priced between $30 and $35, depending where you buy it; it is well worth the money because of the quality product it is. This rolling is superior to the standard wooden rolling pin for a number of reasons. It is long, which means you can roll out a larger surface area of dough. The aluminum construction allows for balance and easier shaping and rolling of dough. Because there are no moving parts, there is no opportunity to collect dirt and bacterial particles in crevices. It is lightweight and slender which makes for easier storage. Additionally, the Chef’s Delight Aluminum French Rolling Pin is designed to be chilled before rolling, which makes dough roll out smoothly and quickly and evenly. Since it is aluminum and not wood, the chilled surface of the rolling pin keeps the dough from cracking and breaking apart and sticking. This rolling pin cleans up easily and wipes easily.

It works great with every kind of dough, from flaky and delicate crust and pastry to sugar cookies to cannoli shells. Old fashion cooking can be fun, but the ease of modern convenience of a modern rolling pin makes it more fun.

Because The Chef’s Delight 18-Inch Solid Aluminum French Rolling Pin weighs less than 3 pounds, you won’t strain your arms when you are rolling out large batches of dough. It doesn’t take a lot of muscle. Because this rolling pin has no handles like the traditional wooden rolling pin, it may feel awkward at first to use, but once you get the rolling motion down, which will just take a minute or two, you will realize how you have greater control of the dough when you roll it simply by position too. The Chef’s Delight 18-Inch Solid Aluminum French Rolling Pin also comes with a soft fabric cover to keep it protected in your drawers. You can wrap it in a terry cloth towel if you prefer, to keep it from scratching. No matter how sticky your dough, this delightful little french rolling pin will not stick if you chill it for about 15 minutes before using it.

French rolling pins allow you to have a better feel for the dough being worked. Because the chilled pin rolls so smoothly, you won’t have to keep adding flour to the dough, which changes the whole taste of the recipe. French rolling pins are also great for rolling wide sheets of pasta without a lot of sticking.

Although you shouldn’t wash the Chef’s Delight 18-Inch Solid Aluminum French Rolling Pin in the dishwasher, it is far easier to clean than a wooden rolling pin. Wooden rolling pins can warp, crack, get damaged by excessive heat or cold, and they can even rust if they have metal bearings connecting the moveable handles.

I highly recommend the Chef’s Delight 18-Inch Solid Aluminum French Rolling Pin for price, ease of use, professional quality, and versatility.

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