Product Review: Chicago Cutlery Steel

I use knives on a daily basis. I cut meats, cheese, vegetables and more. I always wanted a knife set that I could truly count on. I have used name brand knives that have gone dull after a year and sharpening them didn’t even seem to help. A few years ago I found the knife set that I was looking for. The Chicago Cutlery Steel was the one for me. I love the Chicago Cutlery Steel for so many reasons.

The Chicago Cutlery Steel does a wonderful job cutting. Knives that I have used in the past seem to be most effective for about a year. After a year it seem I had to put a lot of elbow grease before getting the knife to cut through something such a New York steak. With the Chicago Cutlery Steel it cuts food such as ham or turkey very delicately and finely. The Chicago Cutlery Steel can cut through anything without practically touching the food. The knives are very sharp.

The Chicago Cutlery Steel is easy to wash. From my experience knives that have not been stainless steel require a lot more scrubbing to remove stuck on food such as pizza or beef. The cutlery is made of stainless steel so washing anything even grime left on it for a few days washes off easily. I don’t feel like I have gone through a whole work out session when I am using the Chicago Cutlery Steel. Another benefit of the stainless steel knife is that it is resist to staining, rusting and pitting. It is virtually a knife set that will last forever.

The Chicago Cutlery Steel is very attractive. It is a piece knife set that comes with knives of all different types that can be used for any type of cutting that is needed. The type of knifes include a paring, utility, boning, chef and slicing carving knife. It also comes with a hardwood storage block which can make the eight piece knife set look attractive on any kitchen counter. The hardwood block has a sharpener made of steel to sharpen the knives.

You can purchase the Chicago Cutlery Steel 8 piece set at Target. The cost is $44.99 if you purchase it online. The price does not include shipping and handling. The cost is well worth the longevity of the knife. I don’t think I will have to spend another cent on purchase a knife set. The buck stops here.

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