Product Review: Coby Mp3 Player: A Must Have Item

One item that I can’t live without is my mp3 player. I got it on sale after the big Christmas rush and ever since then- it goes almost everywhere with me. It’s nothing fancy. It doesn’t have a video screen or a digital screen that informs what’s playing. And it’s not super thin or in a hot pastel color.

But that’s just fine with me. I only care about having my music. The mp 3 player itself is made by the brand ‘Coby’ Not too many know of the name. I didn’t before I saw it on sale and decided for $20.00 that I’d give it a shot. It’s pretty basic. It claims it can hold up to 4 hours of music and is 128mb.

The package included the small Coby mp3 player with headphones. You have to make sure that you put the headphones in all the way or else the result is a faded away sound. The headphones themselves are silver with a black cord. The headphone pieces are labeled for which is the left and right ear. On the other side of the player is the USB port. You simply plug it into your USB port of your computer. For many this is right in front of the computer tower but others are still stuck plugging the player in the back.

For older computers the package includes a cd to help ensure smooth transition for the USB port. You can use your Windows Media Player to sync your favorite songs. It only takes moments to load. A red button flashes when the player is playing music. When you’re syncing music or pausing a song, the red light stays on.

On the side of the player are the playing options. Rewind to the previous song and putting the volume up higher are the same button. Fast forward and lowering the volume also have the same button. If you want to stop and shut down the player or just pause it, you hold the last button. This product uses only 1 triple A battery. I suggest using a well known named battery since often times it will drain an inexpensive battery pretty fast. If you keep the pause button on too long, it automatically shuts down. The product is made in China.

I love this product because I don’t have to worry about scratching up a video screen. It’s compact enough to fit in the palm of my hand and fits in most bags. Best of all it’s not overly expensive like many MP3 players are on the market today. Whenever I want different songs, I can easily delete old ones and add new songs easily.

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