Product Review: GURU Energy Drink

For fellow Associated Content writers looking for their next buzz, or any energy-drink enthusiast who just can’t break the habit, the GURU Energy drink promises and delivers a real kick in a can. The GURU brand is designed for the health-conscious high performer who may be seeking a natural resource for an energy boost. With a powerful combination of panax ginseng, gingko biloba, Echinacea, and guarana, the GURU Energy drink packs a punch, and then some.

Be warned that you will experience a buzz from this synergestic blend; with 125 mg of caffeine per serving and only 100 calories, the GURU Energy Drink is a strong choice for a coffee replacement. The GURU Lite version offers a 5-calorie concoction for the extremely calorie-conscious, but does not have the same flavor and sugar satisfaction as the original GURU.. The ten or so simple ingredients make this a highly potent recipe, as the combination literally goes ‘straight to your head.’ Made with a white grape juice cane concentrate, the sweet and simple flavor will not overwhelm you like other sports drinks on the market. Compared to Red Bull and Mt. Dew Xtreme, the GURU is less acidic in taste and provides a longer-lasting buzz; it doesn’t contribute to an exaggerated ‘high and low’ cycle often experienced by energy drink consumers, and has a more natural ingredient base.

Energy drinks with herbal extracts have a strong market and are popular amongst a variety of consumer groups. Athletes, caffeine addicts, and busy moms can benefit from an extra boost in the middle of the day, or before a challenging event. Of course these drinks should never replace adequate nutrition, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise. Each 16 oz. can costs approximately $2.00 in most markets, and is available in bulk 36 can packs at this time. You’ll likely find yours at your local grocery store or gas station, with bulk packs available online. The GURU Can itself is easily identifiable in its oversized, silver and red refrigerated format.

GURU promotes itself as focusing on the highly valued needs of the time. According to the company website, it is designed to gear towards Wellness, Health, Performance, and Added-Value. Originally from Montreal, Canada, GURU has gained favor and popularity in many markets in Europe. The recyclable can is also promoted in the company’s favor for its commitment to health and environmental awareness.

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