Product Review: Griffin Tempo for Nano

The latest iPod carrier from Griffin Technologies is sleek, easy to wear and quite useful. The Tempo is designed to hold the iPod Nano, a much smaller version of the regular iPod and it does the job well.

The overall design is very low-profile, which is great for exercising, or if you just want to keep your iPod out of the way. The holder features a clear shield which is very handy for the scratch prone Nano. It did the job of protecting the Nano well, and the little bit of padding behind the holder keeps it secure.

My Nano slid right in without any issues. You can still access the hold button, which is one of the main complaints of many cases and holders, so they definitely scored there. The shield is not too thick, and you can still control the click-wheel, which is another definite plus. For the Nano, this custom made armband is practically made to order. They did a very good job ensuring that while the fit is secure, you can still easily add and remove your Nano, without having to knock it around.

I liked the fact that the holder is machine washable and it held up very well. The stretchy fabric would fit around most arms nicely and doesn’t feel too heavy, even when you have your Nano inside. Since this product is geared towards frequent users and people who like to have their Nano with them while exercising, the washable aspect is a very important feature. The armband comes complete with reflective accents which makes this a very safe way to carry your Nano if you happen to be jogging or walking at night.

The headphone cord wrap eliminated a frequent problem I have with having my earbuds yanked out of my ears when I get the cord caught. The cord wrapper sits almost flush to the armband, and didn’t get caught on anything or get in the way. The plastic keeper is durable and should hold up through several washings. If you have a washing machine that frequently “eats” clothing though, you may want to put this case in a lingerie bag to ensure that it doesn’t come apart with heavy washing.

The only issue I had with the case was the “one-size fits all” band. Granted, I have little stick arms, but the strap kept flapping in front of the shield and was a little annoying. I know Griffin can’t appeal to everyone, but perhaps they could come up with a Tempo for petite people and smaller children that would fit a little more securely. There is a keeper for the strap, but in my case, there was just too much band. This is an issue that probably won’t affect the majority of users, but since many pre-teens do own iPods, this is something that Griffin may want to address in the future.

Overall, minus the size issue, the Tempo is a great addition to your collection of iPod accessories. The Nano has spawned an entire generation of scratch proof cases, and this one of the more unique ones. It wasn’t easy taking my Nano out of its polycarbonate, bullet-proof, drop and it doesn’t matter case, but I felt secure once it was in the Tempo, knowing it would be protected. My first Nano had to be returned due to a defective screen issue, so I’m a little overprotective of this one. But, the Tempo did its job and I felt secure knowing that the screen and case would not be scratched. You can even hold the armband upside down and the Nano will not slip out, a bonus for those who stand on their heads, or do yoga.

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