Product Review: Haier Dishwasher

I have had a few dishwashers throughout my life and I have never been truly happy with any of them. It seems for many years I would have something go wrong with the dishwasher I owned at least once a month. I even had dishwashers that I thought were top of the line models but didn’t work like a top of the line model. I was always calling someone to come fix the dishwasher. Last year my friend told me about the Haier dishwasher and how great it is. I thought for once I better listen to someone’s suggestions since I don’t seem to have a knack for picking dishwashers. A year ago today I have had the Haier dishwasher and I love it. I love the Haier dishwasher for so many reasons.

The dishwashers I have had in the past make a lot of noise. One in particular had been so loud that it was difficult having a conversation with someone standing next to the dishwasher. The Haier dishwasher is so quiet. Sometimes I have to come about six feet close to it in order to hear if it is still running.

Some of the dishwashers that I have had did not do an excellent job in washing my dishes. After a wash I would find food still stuck on the dish, which made feel, disgusted. The Haier dishwasher has a multiple of functions to help get rid of stuck on food and debris. It has five wash levels, an upper wash, heat to dry dishes, sanitizer that rinses the dishes, and four auto wash cycles: light, normal, pots/pans and rinse hold.

The Haier dishwasher looks simple and nice. It is white in color and is average in size compare to your average dishwasher. I measured the dishwasher and it measures 34Hx23.56Wx22.86D” inches. Inside the dishwasher it has two areas to place dishes. It comes with an upper rack and a lower rack with a removable split silverware holder.

I purchased the Haier dishwasher at Sears. The cost of the dishwasher was $350 dollars and I don’t think that included tax. In my opinion the cost of the dishwasher is worth the quality of the product. I think the Haier dishwasher works wonderful. I have not had any problems. My dishes come out looking and smelling great after a wash. The Haier dishwasher is a product that I would recommend to others.

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