Product Review: Hitachi H65 Demolition Hammer

The Hitachi H65 is a 1 1/8-inch demolition hammer. Using standard steel demolition bits, this tool is useful for crushing concrete. It can also be used to cut asphalt for repair and construction. You can find the Hitachi H65 for a price between $575 and $600. Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by this demolition hammer.

The Hitachi H65 is equipped with a 11.4-amp motor. Capable of producing up to 1,400 blows per minute, the motor provides enough power for those tough demolition jobs. The motor also produces 20.7 foot-pounds of impact energy for forcible chipping applications.

Another nice feature of the Hitachi H65 is the automatic oiling system. The unique system relies on air pressure for oil control. The automatic oiling system will enable you to use the tool for long periods of time without needing to give it more oil. When it is time for more oil, you will know due to the oil sight located on the side of the tool. The Hitachi H65 also has a idle hammering prevention feature which further increases the lifespan of the tool and reduces maintenance time.

The Hitachi H65 also comes packaged with an adjustable side handle. The D-handle can rotate to provide better control over the demolition hammer. The tool shouldn’t be too tough to handle as it only measures 31 inches long and tips the scales at 40 pounds.

There are a few useful accessories included when you buy the Hitachi H65. In addition to the adjustable side D-handle, you are provided with a 6mm wrench, 23mm wrench, and bull point bit. The hammer also comes with a steel carrying case which also proves to be a good storage space. Although it has an automatic oiling system, you will occasionally have to apply oil. This is easily done with the included 120cc oil feeder.

If you need to crush concrete or cut asphalt, you should look into buying the Hitachi H65. This demolition hammer is equipped with a 11.4-amp motor capable of producing 20.7 foot-pounds of impact energy and up to 1,400 blows per minute. The Hitachi H65 also features an automatic oiling system so you can use the tool for extended periods without needing to apply more oil. The hammer also includes a side D-handle that rotates to provide better control over the hammer.

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