What is HVAC?

For those who want to know what is an HVAC, it is the acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The HVAC system cools, heats, filters and replaces air in a home. The indoor air quality and comfort level of your home depends on the HVAC units or system that you have. By understanding how the HVAC system works, you have a better idea of how your home stays healthy and comfortable.

The Heating in Your Home

There are various ways to keep warm during the cold months. Central heating provides heating to all areas of a home. There is steam heat that is pumped through pipes, radiators or ducts. There is also electric heat such as in the form of baseboard heaters. Fireplaces are wood burning, gas or electric. Some smaller homes have wood burning stoves. The design of your home determines the type of heating system you have. The climate of your region is also an important factor in the type of heating your home has.

The Ventilation in Your Home

Air quality is important in a home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there is more air pollution inside a home than outdoors. This pollution comes from household cleaning solutions, cooking odors, the fumes from furnaces, wood fireplaces, and other sources. Ventilation is replacing the air in the home with warm air, cool air or clean air. The ventilation system keeps the air circulating and exchanges stale air with fresh outdoors air. The ventilation system controls humidity, dust, odors, airborne bacteria, pet dander and other contaminants. With a properly functioning ventilation system, you have good quality air to breath.

The Air Conditioning in Your Home

Some parts of the country such as the Pacific Northwest do not have the scorching hot summers that the East Coast has so air conditioning isn’t as prevalent. Still, in areas that need air conditioning during the hot times of the year, there are many types of cooling systems to choose from. Most homes use central air conditioning or standalone air conditioners. Central air conditioning systems use ducts located throughout a home to distribute the air. Standalone air conditioner can heat one room, a section of your home or the entire house depending on its size. These air conditioners can be placed in a window or wall. There are also portable air conditioners you can move from room to room. Most air conditioning systems have air filters and dehumidifiers to clean the air and to remove moisture.

Maintenance of the HVAC System

All homeowners need to keep their HVAC system in good working order. They can best do this when they can answer the question what is an HVAC. Regular cleaning by professional HVAC contractors is needed to make certain there are no problems with the unit or system that affects its functioning. HVAC contractors also maintain and repair the system. When it is time for a replacement, the contractor can also install your new unit or system which should be energy efficient.

The HVAC is an important system in any home. The system improves the environment in a home. This makes living in the building physically comfortable and healthier for all the residents.

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