Product Review: Hotpoint RGB745WEH Gas Kitchen Range

The Hotpoint RGB745WEH is a 30-inch free-standing gas range. It is equipped with an electronic ignition for easy startup. The range is also packaged with an LP conversion kit. You can find the Hotpoint RGB745WEH for a price between $460 and $530. Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by this gas kitchen range.

The Hotpoint RGB745WEH is fitted with four sealed burners on the cooktop. The two 9500 BTU burners are suitable for any use. The 12,000 BTU burner on the Hotpoint RGB745WEH is especially suited for boiling water faster. The 5,000 BTU burner provides low heat, which is useful for preparing more delicate dishes.

The Hotpoint RGB745WEH is equipped with an extra-large capacity oven that you can use to broil, roast, or bake your dishes. The interior of the oven measures 17 inches high, 24 inches wide, and has a depth of 19 inches. This translates to a generous 4.88 cubic foot capacity.

The Hotpoint RGB745WEH comes with two cooking racks that can be set to six different rack positions. The oven also has an oven light and a large window so that you can easily keep an eye on your meal while it cooks. The unit is also equipped with a slide-out broiler drawer. This provides a convenient place to store food until you’re ready to eat it.

You will like how easy the Hotpoint RGB745WEH is to maintain. The cooktop is a porcelain-enameled upswept design, so that it’s very easy to clean. Also, the backguard on the Hotpoint RGB745WEH is resistant to scratches, so you can scrub as hard as you want without causing damage. The oven is also a self-cleaning design so that you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean.

The Hotpoint RGB745WEH is equipped with an electronic oven timer. This allows you to set the timer and have the oven shutoff automatically. The Hotpoint RGB745WEH is available in white/black, almond/black, and all white. It is backed by a full one year warranty.

If you’re looking for a new gas range for your kitchen, then you should consider buying the Hotpoint RGB745WEH. The extra-large oven offers a total capacity of 4.88 cubic feet. Also, the Hotpoint RGB745WEH is fitted with two oven racks that can be set to six different positions. The cooktop is equipped with four sealed burners that provide 12000, 9500, and 5000 BTUs.

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