How to Move Furniture

There is nothing I hate more then moving furniture. Unfortunately there are times when I have no choice. Perhaps I am painting or installing carpeting or wood flooring. And lets face it, an empty room is easier to work on.

But before moving furniture you first need to take a moment and figure out how the furniture is built, where you are going to move it to and how you are going to move it.

Here are 10 tips to help you safely move your furniture.

Care should be exercised to protect yourself and your furniture. You don’t want to damage the furniture or worse, injure yourself during the move.

  1. First figure out how it is was put together. Any parts that can be detached – should be removed. That includes shelves and legs.
  2. Don’t move large or heavy pieces of furniture by yourself and always lift and carry furniture at the strongest point.
  3. Know where you are going to move the furniture to. You may need to move items that might get in the way (such as wall shelves, light fixtures and plants).
  4. Using padding and blankets if you are storing the piece of furniture.
  5. Take extra care with glass tabletops. Wrap the glass tabletop with a furniture moving pad or blanket to prevent damage.
  6. Avoid bumping the furniture against doorways, walls or other furniture as this will cause damage to the furniture. This often happens when you try moving a piece that is too large or heavy.
  7. Never slide or drag furniture along the floor. This will damage both the floor and furniture.
  8. Have someone guide you along your route as you move the furniture.
  9. Before moving furniture, be sure to know where you will place the furniture after you move it. The new location needs to be safe for the furniture. It may be easy to put a china hutch onto your outside deck while you paint the room but if it starts to rain, the hutch could get ruined. If you need to store a piece of furniture outside, be sure that it is completely covered with plastic to keep it dry.
  10. The temperature of the new location should be similar to the present one as sudden changes in temperature and humidity can damage the furniture.

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