Product Review: Motorola HS860 Bluetooth Headset

With the rise of Bluetooth technology across a variety of wireless devices and applications, the Motorala HS860 Bluetooth Headset is a perfect fit for your on-the-go communication needs. A recent purchase by a coworker prompted me to investigate the many features and benefits of the Motorola Bluetooth HS860 Headset. Wireless headsets abound in today’s fast-paced business world for a variety of reasons. Headsets can provide ease of phone connection and calls while driving; the ability to walk and talk even while in the office; and they are a great way to enable a wireless connection with your PDA and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The Motorola Bluetooth Headset has a snappy and contemporary design; weighing in at only a slight 200 grams, the headset is compatible with many Bluetooth 1.2 enabled devices such as cell phones and PDAs. These do not even have to be Motorola’s own brand; the wireless headset supports a variety of manufacturers. Still, I would encourage the Moto line of products for their flexibility, ease of use, and overall quality. Motorola has been successful in finding the strongest components of networking devices to date, including PDAs, cell phones, and other wireless devices.

The most distinguishing and attractive features of the Motorola HS860 Bluetooth headset are its compatibility, high frequency/connectivity, and its user-friendly design. The microphone easily folds into the device and connects calls instantaneously; the flashing LED light helps to let you know that a call is in process. This is highly recommended when you switch to speakerphone on your cell phone or PDA, in the instance you may forget to turn it off while driving! The overall setup is designed efficiently enough to pick up a wireless signal up to 30ft away; you no longer have to march around looking for your signal or trying to maintain connectivity! The ergonomic design easily hooks around your ear, and requires little attention or adjustments while in use. It is considerably smaller and more compact than other Motorola headset lines, and offers all the benefits of the popular Motorola H700 but with the extended benefit of added talk time.

The Motorola HS860 Bluetooth Headset can be combined with up to seven devices, which makes it easy to transfer and store vital information while you’re on the road. “Be Hands Free” is the motto behind Motorola’s wireless products, and the 8 hour talk time along with 200 hour standby time make this model convenient and a worthwhile investment. Currently, the Motorola HS860 Bluetooth Headset runs for a retail price between $74.95-$99.95 in most markets. It does come with a 1 year warranty, and only requires a 2 hour charging time.

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