Logitech Access Keyboard Review

If you’re still using an old keyboard and want to upgrade without spending too much, check out Logitech’s Access Keyboard. Often times the brand name Logitech reminds many of their webcams. The Access Keyboard comes with many useful features. Besides it being your standard keyboard, it comes with communication , multimedia and Internet keys. To be able to use the features it is required that you have a working CD-ROM because you need to install the included software for the extra features to run.

On the left side there is a sleep feature that may require your Internet to be shut off before you’re allowed to have your computer on sleep mode. Next is your F-Lock key. In the communication section there’s an E-mail button (great for outlook express users) IM application and webcam. You’re only allowed to have one instant messenger application for the button. Below these 3 items are options for your e-mail. Such as create a new message, reply, forward and send.

In the middle of the keyboard is your multimedia functions. There’s your mute button, volumes and music application. this can be your CD player, Real Player or Windows Media. Below are buttons to rewind, fast forward, play/pause and stop. All without having to click your opened application. Next to the multimedia is your Internet and computer functions. There’s a button for your homepage and search. As well as your My Computer, My Documents, My Pictures and My Music folders. When typing on this your caps lock on or off is displayed in a bright green font. As well as when you use any other features it tells you what you’re doing.

Overall a simple but useful keyboard. You can change your media player, IM application, homepage address and search engine address as often as you like. It may shut down on you from time to time but that can be remedy when you re-start your computer. The Logitech Access Keyboard costs around $19.99.

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