Product Review: PETCool Climate Control System

A few years ago, I purchased a six foot by eight foot wooden storage building for my cats. When I ordered it, I told the place that I wanted a window so I could install an air conditioner. I even purchased flooring for the building to make it nicer and they installed a small pet door for me. Upon delivery, I took one look at the window and thought, “How am I going to add an air conditioner? It would fall out of the window.” So I turned to the internet to find a better solution.

I found a website that sold the PETCool units made by International Air. PETCool is a heater and an air conditioning unit that attaches to the outside of your pet’s house. It was perfect for my ‘cat house’ because it attached to the outside of the building.

Personally, I was a bit skeptical of the unit at first. It seemed too good to be true. And I wasn’t sure how easy it was to install. I called PETCool to have them answer some of my questions. They assured me that I would be satisfied with the unit, as it is simple to install and comes with a warranty. They told me that it even came with the drill attachment to cut the holes in the building. Since my cats’ building has vinyl siding, I was concerned about the vinyl siding splitting from using the hole saw drill attachment. I contacted my local home improvement type store and they told me that it should be fine.

When I drilled the two holes, they both turned out as two perfectly cut circles through the vinyl siding and the wood. Attaching the hoses and hooking up the unit was fast and easy. As hard as that is to believe, it’s true. It’s also cheap to run the unit. I’ve never seen a difference in my electric bill no matter what the season was.

When summer came, I tried the air conditioner feature on the unit. It wasn’t as cool as I thought it should be, so I contacted the company. Words can not describe how nice the people are who work at PETCool. They stood by their warranty and replaced the unit. I have never experienced such a smooth replacement process. And the new unit works exactly as it is supposed to. These people receive five stars from me for their excellent customer service.

Since the people were so friendly, I contacted them about using a picture of theirs for this article. Even though it has been over a year now, Tim (the director of operations), he remembered me. He e-mailed me a newer picture of the unit, featuring a dog named Shadow, before we even got off the phone.

The unit keeps my cats warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I’m so thankful that they made this very unique product and I highly recommend it.

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