Product Review: Panic! at the Disco – A Trend You Can’t Sweat Out: A Must-Own CD

A recent phenomenon within the music industry is the experimental music of bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. They look to blend their roots in emo-style rock music and the catchy beats of dance records.

Some bands do it well, and with Panic! at the Disco’s last release, A Trend You Can’t Sweat Out, we are introduced to the sound this mix makes when done well. This happens to be one of the CD’s that has been a mainstay in my car since picking it up from a local record shop when it was on sale. Needless to say, I believe I got a great deal on this CD.

The Basics

The lead vocals are by Brendon Urie, and is supported by Ryan Ross (guitar, etc.), Brent Wilson (bass), and Spencer Smith (drums). They are from Las Vegas and are the first band to be signed to Decaydance Records, a brainchild of Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. Urie’s voice is the catalyst which makes the music go, and although some would say that he isn’t the best vocalist, I believe that his voice compliments the music perfectly and makes the songs’ sound fun.

Their lyrics are done, for the most part, by Ross, and can be lauded as intelligent with a purpose. They deal with some increible topics such as shotgun weddings, strip clubs, and wet dreams, but do so in a manner that makes it fun and seamless with the music.

The Songs

There are a lot of songs that i loved on this CD. It is one of the few CD’s that I can play straight through. Their first single, “I Write Sins, not Tragedies,” immediately comes to mind. Not only because it is the first single, but it’s intro is catchy and draws you into the song. Urie keeps the mood of the song mellow and matching to the music that follows.

But when the song gets to the strength of the chorus, he picks it up a notch and blends his voice in perfect with the music. Panic! at the Disco is able to get their songs to match the mood of the subject matter, so they are able to integrate the lyrics into the fast beats well.

Other songs that you must hear are: “But It’s Better If You Do,” “London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines,” and “Build God, Then We’ll Talk.” These songs seem to portray the style of music to perfection and exemplifies the blending of the styles of emo and dance music together.


The key to this CD is a bunch of songs that really make you want to learn the songs so that you can sing and dance to them as you listen. It’s got some mature subjects, but they handle it in a way that makes it comical at times. They are definitely a step above, using some more sophisticated words and subject matters. When they are doing that fast nusic, they are at their best. They slow it down very rarely, keeping the pace up for the majority of the CD. All in all, this is a must listen to for music fans.

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