Seventh Heaven Trivia Quiz

It is the longest running show about a family in television history, lasting longer than even the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie, which both lasted nine seasons. Seventh Heaven started what was scheduled to be its tenth and last season this past year on the WB. The creation of a new network, however, will mean the show will last at least one more year. How much do you know about the show? Take this trivia quiz and find out.

1. What sport did Martin, who lived with the Camdens, hope to become a big star in?
a. Baseball
b. Football
c. Basketball
d. Soccer

2. Who is Matt married to on Seventh Heaven?
a. Jessica
b. Mary
c. Sarah
d. Sue

3. Who was Simon’s next girlfriend after Celia?
a. Mary
b. Georgia
c. Sue
d. Jessica

4. Why was Mary arrested on one episode of Seventh Heaven?
a. Trashing a gym
b. Smoking pot
c. Shoplifting
d. Protesting without a license

5. How many times did Matt have a wedding ceremony?
a. Once
b. Twice
c. Three times

6. What was the name of Lucy’s first boyfriend on Seventh Heaven?
a. Franklin William
b. Jimmy Moon
c. Larry William

7. What was the name of the first boy Ruthie ever kissed?
a. Peter
b. Frank
c. Sam

8. Who was in love with Martin?
a. Sue
b. Cindy
c. Ruthie

9. What is the name of Lucy and Kevin’s daughter?
a. Montana
b. Georgia
c. Savannah

10. What did Mary become when she left home?
a. Flight attendant
b. Doctor
c. Nurse
d. Real estate saleswoman

11. The actors who play brothers Kevin and Ben Kinkirk on Seventh Heaven are also real life brothers.
a. True
b. False

12. What famous set of movies have Stephen Collins, who plays Eric and Catherine
Hick, who plays Annie, appeared in?
a. Rocky
b. Harry Potter
c. Star Wars

13. What baseball team does Sarah love?
a. The New York Yankees
b. The Boston Red Sox
c. The New York Mets
d. The Los Angeles Dodgers

14. Which character on Seventh Heaven called a radio station to talk about sex?
a. Simon
b. Matt
c. Lucy
d. Ruthie

15. Who is Annie’s sister?
a. Mary
b. Sue
c. Lily
d. Cheryl Ann

16. Did Mary pass her firefighters exam on Seventh Heaven?
a. Yes
b. No

17. How many of the Camden children were either arrested or brought home by the
a. One
b. None
c. Five
d. Two

18. The twins call this person ‘mama.’
a. Ruthie
b. Annie
c. Lucy
d. Georgia

19. Where did Simon throw up when he got drunk?
a. Matt’s car
b. In his room
c. In the bathtub
d. In a park


11.-a-The characters are played by George Stults, Geoff Stults.
12.-c-Stephen Collins, Eric, played Commander Willard Decker, Star Trek, the
Motion Picture, and Catherine Hicks, played cetacean biologist, Dr. Gillian Taylor,
on Star Trek IV, the Voyage Home.
14.-d-She called after finding out his friend had given Simon a condom.
17.-c – Matt for stealing a car, Mary for vandalizing a school gym and
stealing a cup, Lucy, who was at a drug bust, Simon, for stealing, putting
toilet paper on a house, ditching a check, and getting lost, and Ruthie for
getting lost.

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