Top Ten Songs by Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is The King of Rock and Roll and has many songs that have become as famous and loved as the King himself. The Top Ten Songs by Elvis Presley on my personal favorite’s list range from meaningful love songs, typical feel good rock and roll to beautiful inspiring Gospel.

The Top Ten Songs by Elvis Presley on my list are;

10) In the Ghetto – Released in 1969 and hit Platinum status – This is heartfelt song about life on a child in the ghetto. And it is still considered one of Elvis’s most meaningful songs.

9) Don’t Cry Daddy – Released in 1970 and hit Platinum status – A song about a child trying to comfort their Father when Mom is no longer around. It’s worth mentioning that Lisa Marie did this song with Elvis in later years after his death.I have saw the video and it is beautiful as you see Elvis on a big screen from a tape of singing the song and it cuts in and out perfectly mixing Lisa Marie in singing this song with her Father. It is beautiful, touching and heartfelt tribute to her Father.

8) Love Me Tender – Released in 1956 and it hit Platinum 3 times – This song is beautiful. This song is a great example of Elvis’s ability to sing love songs, and his ability to touch the heart of fans with his words and voice.

7) Are You Lonesome Tonight? – Released in 1960 and hit platinum 2 times- This song is more proof of the way Elvis could take any song and touch the heart strings of anyone listening to him. This song made many fans want to hold Elvis so neither of them would be lonesome.

6) Peace in the Valley – Elvis loved Gospel music and everyone loved hearing him sing it. This is a beautiful, comforting Gospel song that just improves with the voice of Elvis singing it. Elvis had 105 top 40 hits with several hitting #1 but it was his Gospel music and only Gospel that he earned a Grammy Award for.

5) Can’t Help Falling in Love with You – Released in1962 and hit Platinum status – A song that is cherished by many. The meaning and beauty of this song shines through with every note Elvis sings.

4) Jailhouse Rock – Released in 1957 and hit Platinum 2 times – Jailhouse Rock is one of my favorite Elvis Rock and Roll songs. This song proves why Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll.

3) Teddy Bear – Released in 1957 and hit Platinum 2 times – Teddy Bear is another traditional Elvis Rock and Roll song that fit perfect in the Era of 1950’s music. Teddy Bears sold like crazy after the release of this song.

2) Amazing Grace – This song is my all time favorite Gospel song, sung by Elvis Presley. You really feel uplifted when you listen to Elvis sing this song. I feel there has never been anyone who can sing this song the way Elvis does.

1) Suspicious Minds – Released in 1969 and hit Platinum – Suspicious Minds is my #1 choice of the Top Ten Songs by Elvis Presley. I have always loved this song more than any of the others and that is saying a lot as I am a huge Elvis fan and trying to choose songs and put them order of preference for Top Ten Songs by Elvis Presley was very hard to do. But I was certain this song was #1. Love can’t go on if it’s filled with suspicion.

So there you have it my Top Ten Songs by Elvis Presley. Feel free to tell me yours.

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