Product Review: Snuggle Safe Heatpad for Pets

Several years ago, I was living in a very cold location with lots of snow and wind. The winters were very harsh. I had a stray cat that I was taking care of, but she had not quite warmed up to me, and was still living outdoors. She would venture in sometimes to have a bite to eat, and then dash outside frantically, afraid to commit to living inside. I was alright with that, and got a small dog house outside for her to sleep in at night. I lined it with a warm fleece blanket, and put a plastic flap on the front to shield her from the wind. She knew it was for her, and went in that dog house every night to sleep. But when I heard the wind howling and looked at the thermometer to see that the temperature was in the teens, I was concerned for her. How could I make her bed warmer? I couldn’t plug anything in, and could not think of anything else. I did some online research and found the perfect solution: The Snuggle Safe Heatpad for Pets.

The Snuggle Safe is not actually a heating pad as the name would lead you to believe, but actually is a heating disc. It is a hardened plastic disc, a little smaller than the size of a frisbee, around 8.5 inches in diameter, and about an inch or so thick. I believe that it is filled with some sort of gel that warms when it is heated and due to that and the hard plastic cover, stays warm for hours, even in cold temperatures. You simply microwave the disc for a few minutes and the heat emits from the disc to warm up pet bedding for up to ten hours. This hardened disc is chew and bite proof, and is totally non toxic. This is an excellent solution for those who are caring for pets outside, who cannot bring the pet inside and give them a heated electric pet bed. The Snuggle Safe is a plastic disc and has no electrical components, so it is very safe. It is the only item that I know of on the market today, that can fulfill this type of heating requirement.

When you remove the disc from the microwave, it is very, very warm to the touch, and you would not want your pet’s body to have direct contact with this heat, so make sure is is wrapped in a light towel or placed under the bedding to protect your pet’s skin, but still keep them warm. My outdoor cat instantly noticed this new addition to her bedding, and I could tell that she slept in more, and for longer periods of time when the disc was in there. I used this disc on a daily basis, for at least a full year, and it performed well for me. Towards the end of the year, I noticed that it would seem to cool off sooner and not hold the heat as long. So if you use it a lot, I think the gel loses its heating power after a while. No matter, though, for the amount of time it does warm up, it is worth it. What I did when I noticed the heat was wearing down, was just microwave it a second time before I went to bed. This disc held up well through some very cold and wintry conditions, and helped keep my stray cat warm and comfy. After about a year and a half of use, I noticed that it did not warm up well and did not stay warm for long at all, so I tossed it, but immediately ordered a new one, because I was so pleased with its performance.

It has been about five years since that time. My stray finally got used to me, and she has been living comfortably as a spoiled indoor cat for all this time. The Snuggle Safe has not been used as much, but if it gets particularly drafty one night, I don’t hesitate to heat it up and use it. I have even been known to use it for myself to heat up a seat, or my pillow, etc, and I have heard of a lot of people doing the same. The disc really is quite useful. The price is around $20, and that economical rate, divided by a year and a half’s worth of nearly constant use, makes it well worth its price.

The Snuggle Safe Heatpad is a product that I would recommend to anyone. It is perfect for small and large dogs and cats, both indoor and outdoor. It is nice especially for stray cats, or older or arthritic animals that need extra warmth in their bedding, without using electricity. It is convenient to take with you when traveling. It is also great for adult human use as well. If you use it consistently, I would expect about a year or a little more of excellent performance from this product. At $20 each, it is a true bargain that can’t be beat, and you can afford to get more than one at a time if needed. If you have pets, or need a little extra warmth in your own bedding, you should check out the Snuggle Safe. They are available at many pet stores, or online at, and much more information is available from their company website at

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