Product Review: Toro Power Max 828LXE

If you want to clear your driveway after a light to moderate snowfall, then you should consider investing in the Toro Power Max 828lxe. This 245-pound two-stage snowblower costs approximately $1500. Let’s take a look at some of the features that makes this snowblower a must-buy.

The Toro Power Max 828lxe has a 28 inch clearing width. It’s capable of throwing snow a distance up to 45 feet. This is especially useful if you have a wider driveway. It comes equipped with the Quick Stick chute control. This joystick system allows you to change chute direction and deflection easily.

The Toro Power Max 828lxe is powered by the 8-hp Tecumseh Snow King engine. This 4-cycle engine provides more than enough power to perform well during tough winter conditions. You also won’t have much trouble starting the machine when the mercury drops dramatically. The snowblower is equipped with both an electric start and a recoil mitten grip start. The engine also provides a fuel shut-off valve and an extended oil drain.

The Power Max 8281xe is also a good choice for confined driveways or areas with different obstacles. The machine boasts a freewheel steering system so that one wheel can turn freely while the other wheel receives power. This allows you to turn the machine frequently and easily. It’s also useful when you need to maneuver around curves in a circular driveway. When you need to steer straight or in deep snow, the Toro Power Max 828lxe can power both wheels at once.

The Toro Power Max 828lxe also features the Power Max Auger system that’s capable of handling up to 2000 pounds per minute. This system meters snow intake so that you can get the job done quickly and easily. If snow isn’t immediately thrown, it is recycled back into the auger. In order to minimize the buildup of snow, the funnel-shaped chute base features a larger opening and non-stick surface.

If you have a gravel driveway, then you will certainly find the Toro Power Max 828lxe a useful machine. The 14-inch auger will never come into contact with your driveway. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about rocks being thrown in all directions.

Headlights come standard on the Toro Power Max 828lxe so that you can safely operate the machine after the sun goes down. You also have the ability to choose between eight different speed settings. The machine features six forward speeds and two reverse speeds.

If your driveway is subjected to frequent snowfalls, then you should definitely consider purchasing the Toro Power Max 828lxe. The $1500 investment will surely save you a lot of time and eliminate the aches and pains caused by shoveling the driveway manually.

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