Product Review: Vegan Soy Alternatives to Mayonnaise and Dressing

If you are vegan and you have always liked Mayonnaise, or if you are allergic to dairy products and can’t eat mayonnaise because they contain eggs, then Nayonaise is the Vegan Alternative to Mayonnaise that is surprisingly great tasting. Nayonaise (rhymes with mayonnaise), is a soy based alternative to mayonnaise. Nayonaise is an all natural product that is made with soymilk, sunflower and soybean oil, cane juice, vinegar, salt mustard and spices. It is 100 percent Vegan (which means it contains no dairy products). It is gluten free, kosher and contains no genetically engineered ingredients. And unlike mayonnaise, it is considered a protein source.

I like mayonnaise. I like it on sandwiches and I use it in recipes and dips and salad dressings. I do not like reduced calorie mayonnaise or fat free or LIGHT versions of mayonnaise because to me they just don’t taste right or taste real. In fact as far as mayonnaise goes, I have only liked real mayonnaise and never liked things like Miracle Whip or “Salad Dressing” they package like mayonnaise and looks like mayonnaise. They just taste funky. If I were watching calories or fat I would rather have less mayonnaise or no mayonnaise than having to eat these light versions of Mayonnaise. I am telling you this, so you understand my standard for Mayonnaise. I want it to taste good.

There was a point in time when I was Vegan and I was looking for a mayonnaise substitute. That was not an easy task because Vegan mayonnaise alternatives were just not as available in stores as they are today. However I had tried every brand I could find until I found one that was suitable and simulated the taste and texture of real mayonnaise as much as possible. That product turned out to be Nayonaise. It is always wonderful to discover a product that meets your expectations as an alternative to the real thing. So I was delighted when Nayonaise passed my personal quality test for texture, appearance, taste, ingredients and price. Nayonaise is a winner. It has a silky tofu texture that is easy to spread and the color of mayonnaise, and even though it is a soy product it doesn’t have any soy after taste and nothing unpleasant about it. I used it exactly as mayonnaise for recipes and ingredients and it blended beautifully. I still use it today and highly recommend it as a soy mayonnaise alternative. A company called Nasoya makes it. Nasoya makes a fat free version and a Dijon style as well. Additionally, Nasoya also makes a line of veggie dressings that serve as great dips for both raw and cooked vegetables. Their flavors include Garden Herb, Creamy Italian, Thousand Island, Sesame Garlic, and Creamy Dill. These veggie dressings also meet the same standards as the Nayonaise in that they are also all Vegan, kosher, gluten free, contain no genetically engineered ingredients and are considered a protein source.

So, if you are vegan and looking for an alternative to mayonnaise or allergic to dairy or if you are looking to simulate the taste of mayonnaise with a higher protein product, then give Nayonaise a try! Most grocery stores sell it wither in their organic or health food section of their store, or sometimes right alongside the regular mayonnaise. If you don’t find it in your regular grocery store, your natural health foods store will have it.

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