Product Review of the Scrub Daddy

Okay, everyone. This is it. My review of (drum roll please) the Scrub Daddy. The Flex Texture cleaning tool. I first became aware of the Scrub Daddy on QVC a few months ago. There was a man talking about how he had invented this product that was the best cleaning tool out on the market. What made it different? What made it so great that you just had to buy it? I thought, it’s only a sponge. Can I really get excited over a sponge? And after using it for a couple weeks, I can tell you, yes! I am excited about this sponge!

I happened to find my Scrub Daddy at Bed Bath & Beyond, selling at $3.99 for one. The Scrub Daddy not only works so well, it smiles at you. What other cleaning tool does that? It is bright yellow and has a smiley face. The smiley face we’ve known our whole lives is now on a sponge. You don’t feel like washing the dishes because you’re sad? Don’t worry, because the smile will make you feel better and plus, your dishes will get clean! The mouth is perfect for especially getting silverware clean and it is safe on cookware and kitchen surfaces because it is scratch free. Smile!

What really makes the difference between the Scrub Daddy and other cleaning tools is that you can control the texture of it. I didn’t believe it at first, but it’s really true. The Scrub Daddy becomes soft in warm water if you only need gentle cleansing and then it becomes firm in cool water if you need coarse scrubbing. So I tested it. I ran cool water on it and it did become firm so I could very easily scrub out some much needed coffee mugs. It always would take so much time and effort cleaning those out with just a regular sponge. No more! It’s amazing. The inventor said it can resist odors for up to two months if you rinse it out thoroughly after each use. You can also clean it by putting it into the dishwasher or even the washing machine. I haven’t tried that yet.

The funny thing is that my boyfriend now looks forward to washing the dishes because the Scrub Daddy will be there to help him. Just yesterday he proclaimed his love for it by saying, “I love the Scrub Daddy!” For a man to say that, I’ll be buying lots of Scrub Daddy’s for in the future.

As it states on the box: “Try me! You’ll love me!” All I have to say is, I did, I do, and you will too.

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