Using Dorma Windows to Increase the Size of Your Home

Running out of room in your home? Consider adding dormer windows to turn a dark, cramped attic into a usable living space, or to make you home look and feel larger, inside and out. A dormer is a part of a part of the home that protrudes from the roof line, and is usually found on sloped roofs only. This feature can be built during the home’s construction or added at a later date. In fact, pre-built kits are available, making the dormer installation process simple enough for a handy homeowner to complete over a weekend.

Dormers are almost always centered around some type of window, and the windows themselves are sometimes referred to simply as “dormers.” They are most commonly used to create more space in an attic area, or in empty space under a roof line. They can be extremely useful in homes where it is not possible to increase the footprint or add another level to expand the size of the house. Dormers can create head room and bring in light to allow for the creation of extra bedrooms or living areas in what was once wasted space.

These windows not only make the room bigger by adding space, they make the space feel bigger because they bring light into the room. The addition of dormer windows also makes a house look bigger from the exterior, as they break up a straight roof line and add dimension and character.

There are several different types of dormers and dormer windows. Dormers can take shapes ranging from the traditional rectangular shape with pointed top, to the popular arch design, to the “eyebrow” look, where three or more dormer windows are placed close together on one single dormer.

Dormer windows themselves take many forms. Your choice of window will depend upon what type of look you’re going for, as well as what purpose you’d like these windows to fulfill. Multi-panel windows are popular on many different styles of home, including Cape Cod and Victorian. These multi-panel units are chosen mostly for their contribution to the home’s exterior appearance, though they also will create light and space in the home. For spaces with little air-flow, double hung windows are the best choice. Both sashes can be opened simultaneously, allowing cool air to flow in, and hot air to flow out. Another popular style is the casement window. This unit includes two panels side by side that open out like a book. This style is best for maximizing space and light, as the sashes open out to the exterior, bringing the most light into the room.

When your home seems to small to comfortably house your family and all your belongings, consider the addition of dormer windows to create extra living space, or to bring light and airflow into spaces that are simply too cramped.

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