Top Luxury Shower Head Brands for Modern Bathroom Decor

Minimal and modern bathroom decor does not need to be shy on luxury. With these top luxury shower heads, a bathroom shower can get a modern makeover. The look may be minimal and modern, but there is nothing minimal about the function of these luxury shower heads. Enjoy sleek lines and shower heads that will not overwhelm you with their ornateness. A number of these luxurious pieces of bathroom hardware also have an industrial feel to them.

Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

Danze Products

Danze Products makes a unique, modern shower head which looks like track lighting. this unique hardware design is both modern and new Retro. The bathroom hardware has two heads, which you know are better than one.

This bathroom hardware even behaves like track lighting. Each head has its own ball joint making it easy to adjust the angle of each spray. The spray itself is also adjustable with different water spray settings.

Graff Faucets

Graff Faucets offers both thermostatic and traditional luxury shower heads and hardware. Their modern designs feature brushed nickel and polished chrome finishes, according to Graff Faucets. Their bathroom hardware pieces for the shower look like elongated and simplified microphones.

Groehe America

Groehe America offers a wide selection of luxury hardware. One modern version which adds a splash of color to bathroom decor is the Amera Range. The Amera Range is the shape of a small surfboard, made of glass. Imagine this small greenish-blue glass surfboard mounted on the shower wall, with a shower head in the normal position and four additional water sprays.

Even the top shower head is modern, and looks like a wide pipe, cut off at an angle. The four extra water sprays on this luxury shower head will invigorate you in your modern shower.

Another luxury shower head for modern bathroom decor is the Freehander by Groehe America. This shower head as angled like a window awning, and has two separate shower heads. The luxury shower head also has different spray settings.

This luxury shower head for modern bathroom decor mounts lower than traditional shower hardware, with the shower heads on the upper portion of the mounting.

Hansa America

Hansa offers a modern and unique celling-mounted shower head that has there different circles for spray. This modern piece of bathroom hardware also has industrial feel to it. It looks like a flower that was not grown, but created in a metal shop.

Ceiling-mount shower head with arm

MGS Progetti

MGS Progetti offers stainless steel shower mixers as well as thermostatic shower mixers that offer a clean lines. With one of their mixer shower heads, there is along stainless steel pipe visible, adding a modern and industrial feel to any bathroom.

The exposed, long pipe also gives a modern bathroom a sense of the outdoors, as it is reminiscent of outdoor showers seen alongside beaches.

These are just some of the ways to make a bathroom feel more modern and sleek. Pair any of these modern hardware items with glass, metals, and minimal colors for a completely modern effect.


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