Product Review – SpectorSoft’s Keyword Logger Software

The Internet has made it easier for people to access information but also easier for a few people to look up inappropriate web material at home and at work. The need to keep an eye on how employees and children use the internet has led to the creation of keyword logging, which is a way of tracking specific sites and information transmitted from one individual to another. The industrial leader in keyword logger software is SpectorSoft ( ), with the distinction of their Spector Pro 5.0 software being named the top spy software by PC Magazine.

The use of keyword logger software like that of SpectorSoft is useful for a wide variety of people. Families who are concerned about their children using the internet, especially with the rise of internet predators and dating, are probably in the greatest need of spy software. As well, businesses that are concerned about inappropriate use of the internet by employees company time may find the investment in SpectorSoft software to be worth the savings in man hours. Spy software is becoming much more prevalent in family and business settings but a run down of a few products would be beneficial to those interested in taking a first step.

SpectorSoft offers a variety of computer monitoring options that are not only affordable but are incredibly effective. Spector Pro 5.0, which only costs about $100, allows the user to record emails, web sites, and instant messages. As well, SpectorSoft has included an instant notification component to this software, which allows parents to know if their children are being harassed online. Additionally, Spector Pro 5.0 has analytical tools that not only notify the user of inappropriate internet use but allows recording of chats and instant messages. Spector Pro 5.0 is outstanding in its comprehensive approach to internet security and is extremely cost efficient for parents and business owners.

For those not seeking such a comprehensive approach to security, they should consider the Spector software, which offers great keyword logging and a regular update on every site and message used by those under surveillance. Spector takes hundreds of screen shots every hour, allowing the software user to see exactly what is being done under their watch. A basic theme of all of the SpectorSoft software is that those who are unfamiliar with more advanced computer functions, like parents, will find SpectorSoft products incredibly easy to use. The basic Spector software only runs around $70, which is an incredibly low price for families and small businesses.

In addition to the software, SpectorSoft offers 24/7 software support and a variety of blogs for company experts and customers to have longer term conversations about improvements and problems in SpectorSoft software. These blogs include blogs about general technical problems, a blog for families interested in learning more about SpectorSoft products, and a blog for businesses to discuss how they have used SpectorSoft to save money and protect their bottom line. SpectorSoft offers some of the best keyword logger software on the market today and anyone interested in protecting their little corner of the internet.

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