Products to Consider When Registering for Baby Gifts

Registering for baby gifts is an excellent way to let your friends and family know what you’ll need for your upcoming bundle of joy! If you’re having a baby for the first time, it may be a good idea to talk to people who have actually had babies to get a good feel for what you will actually need or want. (You don’t want to end up with a bunch of baby gifts you’ll never use!)
Some of the must haves to register for are obvious, such as a car seat, crib bedding, wash cloths, onesies, nursery dÃ?©cor, etc… But here are some ideas of things to keep in mind when registering for your baby.

*Baby Carriers (ex. Baby Bjorns) are a must have when registering for baby gifts! When you are trying to get housework done or when you want to run into the mall without fiddling with a stroller, they can be extremely helpful! Your baby will love it too because it keeps her close to mom!

*Pack n Plays (especially ones with a changing table built on) are great to put on your baby registry. You can fold these up to take to the beach, or to Grandma’s house; and they are very nice to keep in the living room for baby’s nap times.

*A 2nd Car Seat Base will definitely come in handy. If you register for the 2nd base you won’t get stuck always taking the one car. If you give one to Dad, the Babysitter, or to Grandma, it can be much easier than constantly uninstalling and re-installing the base every time someone else drives the baby somewhere!

*Barnyard Gyms OR a Tummy time Mat, but not both, are great to keep in mind when registering for baby gifts! Your little baby will have a blast playing on a mat full of colors and when baby is happy, mommy is happy!

*Registering for tons of Burp Cloths OR Bibs will come in handy since a lot of times spit up can stain both Mom and Baby’s clothes! Registering for both is not necessary since you will most likely favor one and stick with it.

*A Grooming Kit that includes a thermometer, nailclippers, and bulb syringe is a must have for any baby’s registry! These items will be of use more than you could possibly imagine, so plan on registering for a good one!

*Nightlights are also a wonderful item to include on baby’s gift registry! Keeping one in baby’s room, the kitchen, the hallways, and the bathroom, will be a great help when you are waking up several times throughout the night and don’t want to blind yourself with turning on lights!

It is important to realize that every baby (and every mom) likes different things. These items recommended to register for are merely suggestions of what have worked for mom’s in the past. The best way to decide what to register for is to talk to a friend or relative and get first hand advice from them!

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