Finding Free Printable Baby Shower Games Online

If you or someone you know is planning on hosting a baby shower for a new mother, there are many important decisions to be made. What type of refreshments should be served, should a cake be made, who will take pictures, and one of the hardest decisions involves baby shower games. The internet is an amazing resource for finding game ideas and many websites have free printable baby shower games for everyone to use.

The website is an amazing resource for planning a baby shower. There are shower recipes for great food and a long list of free baby shower games. This website also offers a few free printable games. For example, this site has a game called Bingo Baby. There are fifteen different printable bingo cards and a call sheet for the person running the game. Bingo Baby is just like the traditional bingo; however, instead of numbers on your card there are words dealing with infants. also has a game titled Baby Word Scrabble. The sheet for this game is also free to print off. There are over twenty five words that deal with newborns and they are all mixed up and each guest much try and figure out as many words as possible. This site also will provide you with the answer sheet. offers three different free printable baby shower games. Once you arrive at the main page, you must scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the link label free printable shower games. One of their games pertains to parts of a baby. There is a printable sheet that has different statements that somehow pertain to a part of a baby’s body and each guest much figure out which part. The second baby game is titled Name that Baby Song. This sheet is basically blank with a list of numbers and each guest must name as many baby songs that they can think of in the allotted time. The final free printable baby shower game on this site deals with nursery rhymes. The printable sheet provides eleven phrases that are connected to a nursery rhyme and you must list them all. The answers to each game are also provided on this website.

The Take a Stroll Baby Gift Gallery is another great place to obtain information pertaining to baby showers. Their website is If you are interested in finding more printable baby shower games, you need to click the baby shower link towards the bottom of the home page. Once you arrive on the next page you need to select the baby shower game link and then click the free printable baby shower games . One of the great games on this site is titled Mothers & Babies. This game give you a bunch of baby animal names at the top of the page and at the bottom is a list of the adult animals to which they might belong to. Another printable game is a word search that has ten boy and ten girls names hidden inside for everyone to find. The answers to each game can be found on the games link page. The Take a Stroll web page also has colorful and fun baby shower games that you can purchase for a low price if interested.

With these games, it is a good idea to set a time limit for completion. It is also recommended that you offer small prizes for the winner of each game. Many times the winner or winners are based on the amount of questions correctly answered. Many low cost gifts can be purchased from dollar or discount stores. A few example of appropriate shower game prizes are; picture frames, candles, or magnetic notepads. I came across a few websites that charge a fee for the same free games that I mentioned above. Unless you are looking for a particular printable shower game that you are unable to find for free, I would not recommend paying for it. All of the sites mentioned above do not require that you join a membership club or even require you to fill out a from. As with anything you purchase or view on the internet, do not give out any of your personal information.

Baby showers are a truly exciting way for friends and family to connect with a new mother. Print off the free printable shower games mentioned above and your shower is sure to be a success.

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