Profile: Here Comes Liz Phair

After cruisng onto the pop scene in the summer of 2003, Liz Phair is ready to release a new untitled album this Fall and go on a solo acoustic tour later this summer.

Before she came out with her self-titled CD, which featured radio hits “Why Can’t I” and “Extraordinary,” Phair had been regarded as an “indie rock queen.” Her status since among indie rock fans has been damaged, but she could care less–this is a woman in her late 30’s that wants to keep on truckin’, no matter what turn her music takes next.

After divorcing Jim Staskausas, Phair and her son moved to Los Angeles to get on with their lives. As a single mom, Phair has caught the eyes of the pop world, mainly because at 38–she still is very attractive and sexy.

Her release of Liz Phair featured lyrics like “I wanna play X-box on your floor,” “oh baby you’re young, but that’s ok,” “gimme your hot white come,” and “we haven’t f*cked yet but my head’s spinning.” Phair likes to write and sing about sex and she won’t stop just because she is getting older.

Phair has a solid fan base, mainly still living off of the past indie rock success of Exile in Guyville. She was a performer during the Lilith Fair and has toured with The Flaming Lips, Jason Mraz, and Rachel Yamagata. You might have caught her on ESPN during the 2004 Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship as her song “Extraordinary” was used for a commercial.

It will be interesting to see what style of music her new CD has in store for her fans. Will she stick with the pop of Liz Phair or will she retreat to the raw sounds of Exile in Guyville? One thing is for sure–whatever she does, she’s going to have a lot of fun and turn a lot of heads doing it.

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