Profile of Band Ettison Clio

Ettison Clio is a melodic pop-rock band that resides in East Lansing, MI – the heart of Michigan State University. EC has performed at several venues around the state of MI such as The Flint Local, Maggie’s, Mr. Muggs, The Blind Pig, The Cage, The Space, The Elbow Room, Jacoby’s, Stooges and Indigo. The band has also completed a successful tour of the Midwest in August 2002 with local band Before I Go. EC shared the stage with The Beautiful Mistake for a 16 date tour in November 2002. They recorded a 7 song EP “Fragile Simplistic” in July 2002. “We hope to keep growing as a band and hopefully some day make a living of it,” Stephanie Gunther, lead singer said. “We keep ourselves grounded with everything, but it’d be nice to not to have to worry about credit card debt or a job if you could live off of something you love.”

EC’s sing out loud lyrics and amazing live show makes many want to come back again and again. They keep their fans happy and themselves as well at the same time. “We’re happy what we’re doing,” Gunther said. “I don’t think any of us would change any of it.”

*The band is featured on a worldwide compilation put our by Straight From the Fridge Music. It is a compliation of bands ranging from emo to alternative.*

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